Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #2

pocket watch - morguefile
Takes us
To those places
That remain forever … Timeless


© Copyright 2014 Robin McShane


Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #1


The saddest places for me,
Are those where we believe
We are truly alone


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

A Scribe’s Thoughts – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 26

I can but write,
A being resonated
By quill scratching parchment,
Returning symbols left from other times,
Drying in disparate worlds,
Vying with variant thoughts,
Consolidating contrasting words.

Ah, ’tis but a strange propensity
Of immense longing,
This need to fulfill,
This drive beyond my Will,
That puts my hand to Shake,
Drives deeper than I could Speare,
And, through the being,
Take what plays before me
And throw it to the world.

Dogs take the tidbits,
Man the meaning,
God the soul.

Would it were not so.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
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Emotions Ride

Temperatures soar
Tempers roar
Anger floors the meek

Storms roll in
Cool the spin
Twist rage hollow and bleak

Rain falls fast
Icy blast
Roads slide slick and sleek

Run for cover
Run for home
For loved ones search and seek

What raised the ire
It now transpires
Was nothing more than freak

And given the chance
We change the dance
How fickle our mystique!


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

What Happens On That Day

The whole world is a fantasy,
We all live in our head,
So what is going to happen
When we’re buried and we’re dead?

Will life come in between us?
Will it take now what it couldn’t then?
Will it fill the void with living?
Will things carry on the same?

I have delved into the psyche,
Into the now and lands beyond.
I have tried to help the living,
To put right what just felt wrong.

Yet, after all this effort,
All this trying to find a way,
I am no closer to a clue
Of what will happen on that day.

Will Angels come a-calling?
Seraphims and light divine?
Or do I sink into a world of fire
A life of hell that’s mine?

Do my thoughts go on ahead?
Create a place for me to be?
Or will I see the greater plan
The one for you and me?

As I delve and hunt for answers,
The mystery deepens fast,
The only thing I think I see,
Is that thoughts of now will last,

Drift off into infinity,
Where the Lords of All await,
And probably will catch me
On that day I finally awake.

So, what else can we do,
But take each moment on the brow?
Not worry about the future
But live it in the now.

Tomorrow’ll be here soon enough,
Probably before we know,
And if on that day I have lived my full,
Well, then, it’s time to go.

And who knows now where to?
I’ve tried and failed at that,
So, I’ll simply take the journey,
Step up tall and straight to bat.

Whatever ball comes at me,
I will deal with it at that time,
As the sun comes up this morning,
Let’s go see where we can shine.

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 5 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

A Wayward Life

I can but write the falling tears
Describe a lifetime, many years,
Of opportunities and paths not taken,
Feeling now the the will to waken.

Is it too late? I ask myself,
Have all my chances passed me by?
Or are there still experiences to find
And follow on my path to sky?

A life lived short, complained too much,
Concerned with only selfish touch,
Has difficulty wond’ring where feet have trod,
Lives life now without Grace of God.

(Note for other poets: 8 syllables per line except 11 on the third; 1st and 3rd stanza rhyming couplets, 2nd stanza rhyming 1 and 3, 2 and 4…anyone know this style?)

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

Three Hundred Men

Three hundred men stood in the dark,
Three hundred souls so brave and stark,
Five thousand more came at them fast,
Spilled their blood, took their breath, then cast
Them into burning pits,
Burying all remaining bits.

How many of us will stand and judge
Another’s action through the smudge,
Not knowing how or why or where,
Yet proudly stand, our thoughts we share,
Believing they will change the thing,
But no one cares through all the din.

Our life is there for us to live,
Through our own thoughts we only give
Unto ourselves, the gift of life
From higher realms so keen and bright,
Yet here we stand, all stark and brave,
Listening, learning, to the grave.

© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

Another Day

Another day expired,
Moments lived and died,
Fleeting thoughts, prophecies,
Deepful truth, lies.

Feeling more than words can say,
Saying more than feel,
Taking on to stretch the soul,
Discarding all unreal.

Past gone, present here,
Future lies awaiting,
‘Carpe Diem’ lies the land,
Breathing, quiet, abating.

Every Word Counts

Every word counts
Every thought a meaning
Every action tells
The story of your life
Of your way
Of your being
How it comes into this place
Expresses itself
Gives of itself
And changes everything in and around you
For the better or the worse

You know
You count
You live with the changes
And the reactions
And the way

You are already a part of that which you seek
You are a part of you made whole and manifest
That looks for answers unto itself

There is no better place than that where you already are
There is no better way than the path you are already walking

You know this
Deep within you, you already know this

© Copyright Rob McShane – July 2013