At a recent local Indie Book Fair, a young lady asked if I could write her a poem on ‘Time’ or ‘Smile’ for her upcoming Eisteddfod. I am very touched by the request and she seems happy with this effort – I wish her well!  (and, hopefully, get a recording of her reading 🙂 )

Time flies past,
Tearing memory’s bond.
Adventures speed along,
Lifting us beyond.

Far past taste and feeling,
Where echoes may not last,
And those that do become reframed,
By how we see the past.

Fluid in its nature,
Ever-changing in its flow,
Today, an hour drags so slowly by,
Tomorrow, watch it go!

So, if we strip our time away,
Forget the clock and hands,
What are we really left with?
Just the moment as it stands?

Take the moment you stand in,
Feel its depth and power,
Taste its fragrance, touch its strength,
Lounge within its bower.

Do not rush or miss a part,
Hold onto its truth,
Then ride the wave of times sweet flow,
On and through your youth.

© 2018 Robin McShane

A Moment

A Moment - April 16 2018 - dust in sunlight

Turning my head away,
I died.
Knowing you were watching
Suppressed belief,
Withered superstition,
Suppressed breath,
Synchronized me with all that is,
Until your eyes fell away,
And I continued my journey,
Seeking, searching,
Nearing the end,
Always nearing the end,
As moments slip away,
Leaving me stranded in the now,
Reality crumbles.


© 2018 Robin McShane

A Nursing Moment – Dying

There are times when watching life expire
Becomes an experience to behold,
Opening the portal to another world
So different from ours, I am told.

Through this feeling of utter peace,
From a place beyond our knowing,
We are drawn a little away from here,
Maybe tasting the moment of our going?

A short distance down the path we’ll walk,
With our patient in the bed,
Standing by for whatever their need,
As soon as their name is read.

Then their life leaves, sometimes a smile or a grin,
Sometimes a fight and a kick,
Either way, the final’s not long,
As the soul uses carrot or stick.

And we are released back to the world,
A sigh, a slow outflow of breath,
Tears start to fall from the loved ones behind,
Who stayed watching, now suddenly bereft.

We quietly withdraw for a time,
Respecting the need for solitude,
Each to their own way to grieve.

Depending on the person’s faith,
Family requests,
Hospital protocol,
(deep breath),
We return to lay out the body,
Just the body,
The soul is gone,
You can feel the shell is empty.

With gentle respect, we remove the tubes
That were helping to sustain the life,
Wash the body,
Wrap it ready for the undertakers,
Or the keepers.

A bell rings,
Both a toll for the departed
And a call to action,
Mr Smith, in room 4 is calling,
Probably needs a bottle again,
Ah well, back to work…


Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Collapse of a Moment – NaPoWriMo Day 9 (off prompt)

chandra views

In the moment of our quietest coming together
Lay the seeds of our destruction,
The downfall of emotions came fast,
Words meant little as they tripped from tired tongues,
Fired by passionate flames.

The world fell apart.

Perspectives ruined perceptions,
Reducing Illusion to Reality,
Exposing truth not seen before,
Nor ever again.

Hope lies destroyed.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Moment’s Power

Centaurus A - black hole - in colour!

What can I tell you
You don’t already know?
Where could I point you?
You know the way to go.

Confusion reigns in nature,
Magnetic fields disturbed,
Planetary flux,
Leaves everything perturbed.

Yet you know where you’re going,
How to get there through the rent,
Live it as it happens,
Sacred moment by moment!


©Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

What Happens On That Day

The whole world is a fantasy,
We all live in our head,
So what is going to happen
When we’re buried and we’re dead?

Will life come in between us?
Will it take now what it couldn’t then?
Will it fill the void with living?
Will things carry on the same?

I have delved into the psyche,
Into the now and lands beyond.
I have tried to help the living,
To put right what just felt wrong.

Yet, after all this effort,
All this trying to find a way,
I am no closer to a clue
Of what will happen on that day.

Will Angels come a-calling?
Seraphims and light divine?
Or do I sink into a world of fire
A life of hell that’s mine?

Do my thoughts go on ahead?
Create a place for me to be?
Or will I see the greater plan
The one for you and me?

As I delve and hunt for answers,
The mystery deepens fast,
The only thing I think I see,
Is that thoughts of now will last,

Drift off into infinity,
Where the Lords of All await,
And probably will catch me
On that day I finally awake.

So, what else can we do,
But take each moment on the brow?
Not worry about the future
But live it in the now.

Tomorrow’ll be here soon enough,
Probably before we know,
And if on that day I have lived my full,
Well, then, it’s time to go.

And who knows now where to?
I’ve tried and failed at that,
So, I’ll simply take the journey,
Step up tall and straight to bat.

Whatever ball comes at me,
I will deal with it at that time,
As the sun comes up this morning,
Let’s go see where we can shine.

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 5 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

Love’s Place

Love holds me tight
In her warm embrace,
My Universe lights up,
Milky ways of ships and stars
Pass me by,
As if to an old friend,
Then slip quietly on their way.

It is warm and safe in love’s embrace,
For a moment,
This moment,
All we have
Before life moves us on
To we know not what,

Yet with the knowledge of this place
All others can be managed, accepted,
Experiences felt and learnt.

This safe place
Dims all others in it’s light
And moves us through
Life’s eternal path,
Moths to flame,
Fish to water,
Me to love’s place.

 © Copyright Robin McShane – July 25 2014

As per this blogs copyright

Never The Same

It came
A small part of me
Creeping towards its goal
Struggling to be seen
To be felt
To make a difference

Yet when it stood
Light flew in all directions
Dispersing all shadows
Darkness ceased to exist

For a moment in time
There was only light
Flowing without ceasing

As its cycle closed
It faded
Back to a new me
I breathed

Inhaling light
Exhaling love
My world will never be the same
Nor I in it


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright

Souls in Sand



Temporary soles in sand,
Shifting, moving precious land,
Pressing grains into formation
Forcing their own representation

Until the next blast
Or wind
Or step

Then all will change
Moving on
Prints becoming
Naught but one

A memory of gathered soles
Picture perfect

All made whole

Different in form
Yet the same in format
In principle
In structure
At heart
At soul

The sole’s soul
Or the soul’s sole?

Temporarily created
By pathways routed
On a shifting base

Each grain whole

Yet, together a pattern
A form in being
For as long as it lasts.

Life in an hourglass
With no glass
No hour
No boundaries
But those which exist
In the moment
For the moment
A perfect unison

What a joy!


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

All rights reserved