Meeting Beelzebub – #1

meeting beelzebub 2 - june 5 2015 - morguefile

Beelzebub came to meet me in Cherry Lane,
Lined with Honey Blossoms and Jakarandas,
Flowers blooming.

I stood my ground, wondering what he could want,
It was simple, as it always is,
He wanted me.

My soul and I, waiting on his move, watched closely,
Fretting on past deeds, thoughts and feelings,
Quickly, my life passed before me.

Unexpectedly, after all, it was just an afternoon’s stroll,
I grasped my chest, fell to my knees,
Pain ringing through.

He grunted, smiled, flicked his flagrant tail, tossed his head,
Finger beckoning, he grinned,
“Yes, you have sinned!”

A horn sounded, loud, clear, pure, from above resounded,
Angels appeared, with winged chariots,
What a movie!

Beelzebub took a step back, watching warily,
A shining Angel with golden wings flew down,
“Where has he sinned? “

Beelzebub shifted uncomfortably, tail still,
“Well, you can’t blame me for trying,
He almost agreed.”

“We can, we do and he didn’t. Begone! ”
Beelzebub snickered, flickered and left,
” Come with us.”
“You bet! “


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

To explain: I wrote the last three days poems several weeks ago. The above was the first, which led to the second (posted yesterday) and then the idea to make that into a villanelle (posted on Thursday). All written one after the other, within a few hours. then left to brew, then edited and edited… and edited! I decided to try a villanelle as I haven’t written to a ‘classical’ style for a while, and felt to challenge myself (!) to try a tight form again! Not sure if it was a good idea to try and adapt or whether I should have written from scratch? Any ideas?

Don’t you find the creative process just fascinating? I love to see how we are all inspired differently, express ourselves individually and write uniquely!

1. I would love to hear your comments on these, and the process they took; and
2. Anyone care to share your creative process? What sparks your ideas and how do you get to a final product?
Please share, I am so intrigued by this process and how we are all so different….

For myself, my process varies – from idea to paper within a short period (sometimes with only a little editing) to poems, prose and music composed many moons ago (some many years!), then brought out, dusted off, twisted, tweaked and, sometimes, terminated! 🙂 Ideas just enter my head – sometimes the first few words and sometimes the first few lines – I very rarely see something and think to write a poem! My brain works more with words, thoughts, principles and sounds more than pictures, smell, taste, touch, etc….and yours?

Wishing you all a magical weekend…:)

What Happens On That Day

The whole world is a fantasy,
We all live in our head,
So what is going to happen
When we’re buried and we’re dead?

Will life come in between us?
Will it take now what it couldn’t then?
Will it fill the void with living?
Will things carry on the same?

I have delved into the psyche,
Into the now and lands beyond.
I have tried to help the living,
To put right what just felt wrong.

Yet, after all this effort,
All this trying to find a way,
I am no closer to a clue
Of what will happen on that day.

Will Angels come a-calling?
Seraphims and light divine?
Or do I sink into a world of fire
A life of hell that’s mine?

Do my thoughts go on ahead?
Create a place for me to be?
Or will I see the greater plan
The one for you and me?

As I delve and hunt for answers,
The mystery deepens fast,
The only thing I think I see,
Is that thoughts of now will last,

Drift off into infinity,
Where the Lords of All await,
And probably will catch me
On that day I finally awake.

So, what else can we do,
But take each moment on the brow?
Not worry about the future
But live it in the now.

Tomorrow’ll be here soon enough,
Probably before we know,
And if on that day I have lived my full,
Well, then, it’s time to go.

And who knows now where to?
I’ve tried and failed at that,
So, I’ll simply take the journey,
Step up tall and straight to bat.

Whatever ball comes at me,
I will deal with it at that time,
As the sun comes up this morning,
Let’s go see where we can shine.

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 5 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright