On Becoming A Hermit


On Becoming A Hermit - dec 17 2017-Astronomers-Reveal-the-Dizzying-Spin-of-the-Milky-Way_s-Halo

Amongst the shades
And nets
Of impropriety
I settled,
Nesting quietly,
Circling the space,
Creating comfort,
Building walls for an
Illusion of Protection,
Keeping them out,
Keeping me in,
Zones of Perfect me.

Life left me alone.

© Copyright 2017 Robin McShane


Just a thought on the dangers of clinging to our comfort zones!!


Where I Am


Where I walk,
Let there be light,
Where I pause,
Let music fill the air,
Where I kneel,
Let the love of life fill me.

Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #3

Puts a price
On many things

Aren’t the most important truly priceless?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Quick note : experiencing Internet access issues which will hopefully be sorted soon – apologies for lack of images – working from phone and small tablet! Hopefully, the words will paint their own pictures! 🙂