Destiny Unfurled


Where once we stumbled naturally,
We now stand proud and tall.
Life beat us down, took our pride,
Yet now we’ll take that fall.

For journey’s end is not in sight,
Destination far,
As pathway’s passage, moments lived,
Prepare for next step’s star.

Flowing through the gates of life,
Being as before,
It matters not in mind or soul,
For from the body tore

Differences between then and now,
Not seen nor felt nor heard,
But soulful touches, deeper strokes,
Destiny unfurled.



When The Time Is Right

When the time is right - dec 10 2015 - hubble heic9910a

There were things about myself I never knew,
Things that in my world I would eschew,
Tiny details hiding in the cracks,
That would one day come and stab me in the back.

I was not happy with the way life used to be,
So hit the road to find a better me,
How silly looking back I should have known,
You only take the seeds that you have grown.

Running ’round the world a second time,
Never really finding what was mine,
The greatest shock, the best discovery,
Those things I longed for most, were deep inside of me!

Then the details that I thought would make life slide,
The ones I’d spent such time searching outside,
Came creeping out of cracks where they had hidden,
And now stand stark and proud, forces unbidden.

I suppose the time is right when things appear,
Although we may well wish them gone from fear,
For nothing in this world can happen out of sync,
All our lives, our loves, our being, one big link.

Which means, of course, we’re never really ‘out there’ on our own,
We’re always linked to everyone around us, though we moan,
Forgetting every word and thought will ripple through the links,
And change the lives of every living thing, like light through chinks.

Awareness is the answer that we seek,
In every moment, thought and action tweak,
So everything that passes through our light,
Contributes to the power and the might

Of every point and path creation flows,
As onward, outwards, upwards all life grows,
And feeling from within thy specialty,
Of standing still a moment just to be.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Picture of heic9910a from Hubble Telescope, courtesy NASA


Life grew from silence,
Movement came from peace,
Worlds developed slowly,
Growing piece by piece.

So, why do we now rush around,
Filling spaces, making sound,
Competing to fill places which,
Replete with song of life, resound?

Is silence a forbidden thing?
To be taken secretly, on the wing?
Or can we find ourselves a space,
Listen to our soul’s quiet ring?

Where lies the fear of this terrible deed?
Why don’t we listen to our inner need?
It seems we can’t accept the peace,
Offered with alacrity and speed!


© Robin McShane – November 14 2014

Please see this blog’s copyright notice

Beneath The Experience

My essence shares my being
As I wend my way through life,
Feels each experience with
No judgement, good or strife.

Gathers seeds of knowledge
In the process of my growth,
Pulls it all together
For the overself.

I find I’m often blinded
By the experience of tell,
Forgetting there is reason,
Beneath the outer shell.

Seeing what I want to see,
Ignoring all the facts,
Maintaining what is comfortable
Where I prefer to act.

I probably won’t see beyond
As I take the challenger route,
Yet surely will see it later
When it all comes home to roost.

So, no matter circumstances,
How gross, abused, disturbed,
There are always lessons in there,
Absorbed, affected, heard.

I just need to believe it,
Trust the process,
Walk the walk,
For no-one else can live my life,
It’s mine to walk and talk.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

Following Dreams

Dreams came insubstantial,
Translucent, misty things,
Made in tumult,
Crushed in fear,
Bathed in shadows,
Washed in tear,
Never seeing light of day,
Too much clutter in the way,
How to live and what to do
When living drains the life from you?

Choose to follow, arms outstretched,
Live the moment, fully entrenched,
Feel each heartbeat, love each breath,
Move purposely forward, step by step.

Moments chosen carefully,
Thoughts placed gently out,
Will benefit each one alive,
There really is no doubt,
Create a stronger field,
For each of us to be,
Pursue the life we chose,
To fulfil our spiritual need,
Guide us up our purpose path,
Towards our chosen dream,
Lead us by the hand
To hope, fulfilment, home.

Our dreams await……

Fractured Soul Becoming Whole

When souls are fractured
Torn apart
What happens to the human heart?

When heaven splits it
From itself
What choices left to heal and health?

So isolated
Far from source,
What is left as a soul’s recourse?

To bide its time
Await the day
For life to show a brand new way

And gradually
Be withdrawn
As halves repairing what was torn

Step out into a bright new day
As one again
Rebirth attained

Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane

Ego’s Pride – (NaPoWriMo Day 28)

Ply your trade
Along highways wide
Find a way
Through ego’s pride

Living life from outside in
Accepting all that’s said
Perceptions, expectations
Closing inner dead

Souls cry out in torment
Purpose unfulfilled
Living life in torrents
Meaning often killed