Finding My Way

Finding My Way - July 18 2016


I found myself in times gone by,
Sinking low then rising high,
Riding waves, some low, some steep,
Floating tides, experiences deep,
Taken to the fullest seen,
My life’s perspective, clear and clean,
Then clouded by bright thoughts around,
Of others perceptions, circling sounds,
Losing grip on my own path,
Led astray by thoughts and tasks,
Other people’s sense, idea,
Of my perception, why I’m here.

Taking breath and holding course,
Now finding my way back to source.



Moments and Memories



Watching spaces lightly falling
Pulled from all their hiding places
Caught by butterfly licks of light feathers
Brushed by breezes blowing past

Brought to fullest sunshine
As the moment was
Now gone
Yet never lost

Coloured by the way we felt then
Feel now
Taken to our being
Held in high esteem
Whilst living in this moment
Creating the next memory
To hold, hide, hope for more.


Memories In Winter

blurred stars - pixabay

Winter bites
As every year
The bite forgotten
Through summer’s haze
Until sharp teeth
Pierce skin and bone
And warmth becomes the memory

Yet memories belong to us
As we see it now
As it was then

Yet, maybe, it wasn’t


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

The African Bush

Bushveld - June 13 2016-20160527_160533

Day breaks early
Softly in the veld
Another night survived
For those who did.

Day feeders open the eye
Night feeders head to ground
A hand over of sorts

Soaking natures silence
Wrapped in sunlight clear
Voices dapple through the trees

Leaves burnt orange and falling
Weave mulch carpets
Where prints may leave a track

Days spent in sentient splendour
Far from city noise
Allow absorption of air so still

Soul nurtured through the scene
Until night feeders break their cover
And bed becomes my ground


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

English Haiku #16

Nightly dreams take sway
Holding darkness tight from light
‘Til dawn breaks the dream


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

P. S. Many thanks to all of you who have recently become new followers. Touches me deeply that you enjoy the poetry I present here. I am presently having internet connection issues but I will visit your blogs and touch in personally as soon as I can.

Wishing everyone a great weekend (and hoping this actually posts! 🙇)

The Siren Song

Elegance conceals an eventful past


Please evade the siren song,
Elude her capture,

I’ve been caught before today,
Ensnared, hooked, netted,
The whetted

Enraptured by the promise,
Mesmerised by sound,
The tightly bound

Trapped within that sacred turning,
Basking in the glow,
My heart flowed

I dropped down through darkened depths,
Following the lure,
Drowning in pure

Croons swayed soft from almond eyes,
Dripping on my heart,
Tears that no part

Listen, love, and set me free,
Trust in your allure,
Holding me.

I can sing,
Fly on freedom’s wings,
And through death our hearts enthrone.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane