So many deaths across so many centuries.

We grieve, we mourn, we remember.


How far back? How many deaths?

We all die – have done for aeons.

So, do we feel for the person that has gone? Or are we really mourning our own loss?

And, if they died in a war, as soldier, fighter or victim, the “ultimate sacrifice” – what does that mean?

They died protecting their loved ones; a way of life; a culture; a religion; a people; a piece of land?

Again, we are all going to die. At some stage. Each one of us.

Every person that has ever lived has (as far as I know!).

Is the manner of our passing important? To us? To others?

Thousands of years.

Millions – no – billions of deaths…uh?

3 comments on “Death

  1. And while we live,,, why do we worry that we will be forgotten? We will, of course, —even if bridges and music halls are named in our honor. We will be forgotten when there’s no one who cared about us left to remember us…

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