Rebellion, Insurrection, Revolution

then again the people rose
fleet of foot, light on toes
hard to heel, quick to feel
up and down the road they’d reel

crashing rulers
crushing ruled
flashing power
flushing pooled

stretched now far beyond endurance
rising, taking own insurance
tired of corruption, self and greed
bored with politicians’ promises to heed

all their words and their desires
money from pockets burnt like tyres
spent on worthless stupid things
no accounts or reckonings

so now step forward Mr Leader
time to answer your misdemeanors
chance to tell it as it was
time to put the flames out fast

impossible, this thing we ask?
to now explain your every task?
weak of person, soul and being
now you feel what we’ve been seeing

you who thought yourself so great
above the law, the land, the hate
kneel before us, those you bled
and hear our voice until you’re dead


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


Emotions Ride

Temperatures soar
Tempers roar
Anger floors the meek

Storms roll in
Cool the spin
Twist rage hollow and bleak

Rain falls fast
Icy blast
Roads slide slick and sleek

Run for cover
Run for home
For loved ones search and seek

What raised the ire
It now transpires
Was nothing more than freak

And given the chance
We change the dance
How fickle our mystique!


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

From Drugs to Beginnings

I touch ground
Ravaged by the soporific effects of the solumedrol
The drug that soothes my nerves yet fires my mind
Spatters my thoughts into a thousand arrows
Each off in their own direction
On their own path
No coherence
No sense
No semblance of reality

I slide into the morass of drug induced mist
Wraith-like drifting through
Following arrows
Pointedly heading to a point which does not exist

Time passes
Body exhumes and exhales
Drug excretes

Mind returns
Old patterns and ways
Boring reminisces of a life lived
Slipping slowly back inexorably
Into what was
What is

What shall be?
Can it be different?
I no longer want to be the same
This is a chance for a new beginning
Opportunities for a new me

Loosen my thoughts
Leave them free to roam
Change their tired patterns, grooves, ruts
Find open roads
Yet to be explored
Yet to be found
Yet to be lived

Hope lives eternally
In the inner me
To find a better way
A better me

Hope and love will work their magic

A puff of smoke
A new me stands before you

As I was in the beginning

A smile spreads my face
Anticipation fills my being
A new time has begun

© Robin McShane – October 2014

Rights reserved according to this blogs copyright

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Never The Same

It came
A small part of me
Creeping towards its goal
Struggling to be seen
To be felt
To make a difference

Yet when it stood
Light flew in all directions
Dispersing all shadows
Darkness ceased to exist

For a moment in time
There was only light
Flowing without ceasing

As its cycle closed
It faded
Back to a new me
I breathed

Inhaling light
Exhaling love
My world will never be the same
Nor I in it


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright

Purpose – NaPoWriMo Day 13

Life on Earth is taking strain,
As we know it.

Finding a purpose for going on, for growing,
For being here,
It’s getting hard.

Yet purpose there must be,
Otherwise why be here?

Is the very act of being
The purpose?

Every situation touching us,
Variable in depth,
Constant in purpose.

Each person changing us,
In a small or big way,
Changed we are.

And life will never be the same again.

Every Word Counts

Every word counts
Every thought a meaning
Every action tells
The story of your life
Of your way
Of your being
How it comes into this place
Expresses itself
Gives of itself
And changes everything in and around you
For the better or the worse

You know
You count
You live with the changes
And the reactions
And the way

You are already a part of that which you seek
You are a part of you made whole and manifest
That looks for answers unto itself

There is no better place than that where you already are
There is no better way than the path you are already walking

You know this
Deep within you, you already know this

© Copyright Rob McShane – July 2013