What Happens On That Day

The whole world is a fantasy,
We all live in our head,
So what is going to happen
When we’re buried and we’re dead?

Will life come in between us?
Will it take now what it couldn’t then?
Will it fill the void with living?
Will things carry on the same?

I have delved into the psyche,
Into the now and lands beyond.
I have tried to help the living,
To put right what just felt wrong.

Yet, after all this effort,
All this trying to find a way,
I am no closer to a clue
Of what will happen on that day.

Will Angels come a-calling?
Seraphims and light divine?
Or do I sink into a world of fire
A life of hell that’s mine?

Do my thoughts go on ahead?
Create a place for me to be?
Or will I see the greater plan
The one for you and me?

As I delve and hunt for answers,
The mystery deepens fast,
The only thing I think I see,
Is that thoughts of now will last,

Drift off into infinity,
Where the Lords of All await,
And probably will catch me
On that day I finally awake.

So, what else can we do,
But take each moment on the brow?
Not worry about the future
But live it in the now.

Tomorrow’ll be here soon enough,
Probably before we know,
And if on that day I have lived my full,
Well, then, it’s time to go.

And who knows now where to?
I’ve tried and failed at that,
So, I’ll simply take the journey,
Step up tall and straight to bat.

Whatever ball comes at me,
I will deal with it at that time,
As the sun comes up this morning,
Let’s go see where we can shine.

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 5 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

8 comments on “What Happens On That Day

  1. Great Rob, reflective on the never ending questions . Yes, all we have is now, so best I think to put all efforts into this. I especially love the last stanza oft this, a determination and positivity in there.


    • Thanks Christine… Yep, today is really all we have. Some advice from my Aunt there in the UK (Swanage) that has got me through some really tough times is to just take the next 10 minutes! Decide what to do with that, do it, then decide the next, etc., etc. Helps me even now when things get a bit overwhelming! 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome day…. Or at least the next 10 minutes! 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Great advice from your Aunt Rob! And I have practiced this for many years as Im a recovering alcoholic in AA (12 and a half years without a drink now). In early recovery when it was very difficult not to pick up that drink I was taught to live a minute at a time with a promise that it would get easier with time. And those minutes spread into years and today I have no desire whatsoever for alcohol. This way of thinking has helped me enormously in managing my MS. I almost want to say there is a reason for everything, but the jury is still out on that one!! 😄


        • Wow! That is fantastic Christine… You are an example for all of us! Respect!
          Also used to really believe there is a reason for everything – still actually believe that deep down… Otherwise what would be the point? Although must say I have come to a stage where I do think some experiences may not have been necessary originally but become so because of our choices… Life on planet Earth! 🙂


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