A Wayward Life

I can but write the falling tears
Describe a lifetime, many years,
Of opportunities and paths not taken,
Feeling now the the will to waken.

Is it too late? I ask myself,
Have all my chances passed me by?
Or are there still experiences to find
And follow on my path to sky?

A life lived short, complained too much,
Concerned with only selfish touch,
Has difficulty wond’ring where feet have trod,
Lives life now without Grace of God.

(Note for other poets: 8 syllables per line except 11 on the third; 1st and 3rd stanza rhyming couplets, 2nd stanza rhyming 1 and 3, 2 and 4…anyone know this style?)

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

10 comments on “A Wayward Life

  1. Dear Christine…my personal “fan”…always asks good questions I can’t resist playing with ( old teacher habits die hard.) As to whether this poem works for me, yes it does, basically, though I find the last stanza less clear than the other two, more cryptic and thick with meaning I’m not sure I get. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed blogging with you two beauties!


    • Amazing! I really battled with the last stanza and couldn’t quite get the meaning to ‘fit’! So yes, no wonder you find it more cryptic! Thank you… A lesson to keep at it until I get it right! How can I expect readers to’ Get it’, if I haven’t found the very best way to say it!? Thank you, Cynthia… Much respect!


  2. Well, let’s see…you have three quatrains here with a rhyme scheme of aabb,–c–c, ddee. It’s accentual/syllabic. It’s mostly iambic tetrameter with syllable count of 8,8,11,8.
    I don’t know of anything traditionally named as a form that this fits. The closest I can think of is the “Rubaiyat”, a poem composed of any number of quatrains in tetrameter lines, variable syllable count. Its rhyme scheme, tho’ is aaba, bbcb, ccdc etc.. ( A single one of these quatrains as a stand-alone poem is called a “Rubai”. A multiple is a “Rubaiyat”. Shades of Omar Khayyam!)


    • Thank you so much Cynthia – very interesting and appreciate your time and input! Love Omar Khayyam! Can I ask you if this poem worked for you? Don’t worry…I take nothing personally so you can be honest please… Only way I can learn, I believe! 🙂 Also, no problem if you would rather not comment! 🙂 great receiving your comments either way… Many thanks! 🙂


  3. There is always time, Im learning that now and Im no spring chicken! 😊 I have no idea about this style of poetry though, sorry Rob. I find form difficult although I have written a couple of sonnets recently.


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