Happy New Year 2022

Are we yet but wonders
That still the ocean deep?
Carrying our message
Of light and life so steep.

Do we show the world
The choices that can be?
From self and endless ‘me’
To love and purity.

Do we climb our path,
Our endless curving way,
Showing how to manage
When life steps in the way?

When the path turns upside down
In a breath, a blink, a flick
And reality reforms
Around another sandy brick.

As clouds drift through the sky
Forever changing form
So flow our lives and thoughts
Following their norm.

And as we step into the year
Of Twenty Twenty Two
My thoughts of light and love
Flow out to share with you.

Happy New Year 

© Copyright 2021 Robin McShane


Returning Home

Early morning from Hospital Bed

There’s poetry inside the soul
Where sleep resides yet no one knows
The depth of being
The space
The size
The experience that grows
To making whole
Or part thereof
As joined together
One with one
We make the breadth, the depth
The whole that shares all pathways walked
Then takes us back from whence we came
Richer, fuller
Death now past
Soul rejoices, rejoins
Homeward bound

Copyright © 2021 Robin McShane

If Only

I know I have no right to ask this

I ruined all the chances that you gave

The years have flown by like wispy clouds

And we’re different people now than we were then

But I miss the lightest touches from your fingers

The softest feelings flowing from your heart

If only you had been real

No power on Earth would have kept us apart

Copyright © 2021 Robin McShane

Why Silence

An explanation for my lack of presence here for so long…


When words no longer resonate with the inner of my being,
Lose potency, vibration with all that I am seeing,
How, then, can I use them to express my inner feelings?
Silence becomes a better mode to give thoughts and actions meaning.

Copyright © 2021 Robin McShane

A Night With MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Waiting for a night to pass,
As muscles steal my sleep.
Tightening, loosening, tight again,
Spasms sharp and deep.

Tablets taken, massage done,
Even exercising, stretching,
Nothing seems to help the course
Of nerves to muscle wrenching.

Vomiting their impulses,
Creating action strong,
As nervous system tries to tell me,
“Help, there’s something wrong!”

I know there is, has been for years,
Inflammation’s fire,
Takes the life away from me
As all my systems tire.

“God help me, I did nothing wrong,”
I cry in deep despair,
And yet the body carries on
As if no spirit there.

“Take each moment as it comes,”
I truly do believe,
This moment testing my belief
As I search for some relief.

This too shall pass, I know,
Fires of pain subside,
And I’ll fold into a blissful sleep,
Another wave to ride.

Copyright © 2021 Robin McShane

The Silence of Being

Every piece of me fades into silence,

That which I was no longer cries through the night or howls at the moon, laughs with the sunlight or drifts through unsullied clouds, feeling their momentous presence.

I have become more than I was, less than I am, greater than I could be.

Life is beyond me, way past my comprehension, as it just is, moment by moment, soulful breath by breath.

I live in the Silence of Being

Friday’s English Haiku – #52

Fridays Haiku - Aug 10 2018 - Pockets-of-Star-Formation-in-DDO-68- Credit NASA, ESA, and the LEGUS team


Fireflies dance naked
Passions flickering power
Spurning caresses


© 2018 Robin McShane

Note: I’m delighted to report that the young lady’s reading of my poem ‘Time’ (as posted July 24 2018) received Gold at the local eisteddfod she took part in!



At a recent local Indie Book Fair, a young lady asked if I could write her a poem on ‘Time’ or ‘Smile’ for her upcoming Eisteddfod. I am very touched by the request and she seems happy with this effort – I wish her well!  (and, hopefully, get a recording of her reading 🙂 )

Time flies past,
Tearing memory’s bond.
Adventures speed along,
Lifting us beyond.

Far past taste and feeling,
Where echoes may not last,
And those that do become reframed,
By how we see the past.

Fluid in its nature,
Ever-changing in its flow,
Today, an hour drags so slowly by,
Tomorrow, watch it go!

So, if we strip our time away,
Forget the clock and hands,
What are we really left with?
Just the moment as it stands?

Take the moment you stand in,
Feel its depth and power,
Taste its fragrance, touch its strength,
Lounge within its bower.

Do not rush or miss a part,
Hold onto its truth,
Then ride the wave of times sweet flow,
On and through your youth.

© 2018 Robin McShane