Friday’s English Haiku – #52

Fridays Haiku - Aug 10 2018 - Pockets-of-Star-Formation-in-DDO-68- Credit NASA, ESA, and the LEGUS team


Fireflies dance naked
Passions flickering power
Spurning caresses


© 2018 Robin McShane

Note: I’m delighted to report that the young lady’s reading of my poem ‘Time’ (as posted July 24 2018) received Gold at the local eisteddfod she took part in!



At a recent local Indie Book Fair, a young lady asked if I could write her a poem on ‘Time’ or ‘Smile’ for her upcoming Eisteddfod. I am very touched by the request and she seems happy with this effort – I wish her well!  (and, hopefully, get a recording of her reading 🙂 )

Time flies past,
Tearing memory’s bond.
Adventures speed along,
Lifting us beyond.

Far past taste and feeling,
Where echoes may not last,
And those that do become reframed,
By how we see the past.

Fluid in its nature,
Ever-changing in its flow,
Today, an hour drags so slowly by,
Tomorrow, watch it go!

So, if we strip our time away,
Forget the clock and hands,
What are we really left with?
Just the moment as it stands?

Take the moment you stand in,
Feel its depth and power,
Taste its fragrance, touch its strength,
Lounge within its bower.

Do not rush or miss a part,
Hold onto its truth,
Then ride the wave of times sweet flow,
On and through your youth.

© 2018 Robin McShane