Eternity In A Moment

Eternity In A Moment - Nov 19 2017 - credit to morguefile-hotblackfile8891347731372

Tumultuous skies rained
On soft feathers.

Stretching the whisper of touches
He reached for her.
She could not see through the veil
Yet felt the touch,
Leaned her head to the breeze,
Aching for more.

Responding to the need,
Creation paused.

He withdrew his hand, thunder rolled,
Clouds broke apart,
Tear soaked feathers lifted, waved,
Sunrays poured through,
Stroking face, smoothing fears,
Soothing sorrow.

Eternal memory,
Moment in time.


Poem © Copyright 2017 Robin McShane

Photo by ‘hotblack’ at – thank you


English Haiku – #9


Burnished blue to gold
Each eye shines its weight in stars
Summer burns no stone


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

A Temporary Life

Time it spun away from me
Reaching out, it flew right past
Far from my range and out of grasp
A fantasy of existence passed

Interesting to see anew
A whole world in a shell
Tumbling, turning on itself
Seeing nothing outside it’s spell

Eternal lifetime spent outside
Does nothing to prepare
For once we’re drawn inside
Our souls are ravaged and stripped bare

Like children in a new world
We search for sense and meaning
The Universe, like parents
Can but watch us roil in our demeaning

Then when we step outside
Return to paths long trod
The Universe embraces us
The all-encompassing God

Experiences gathered all as one
Lifetimes put as gain
For spiritual development
Rolls on and on again

‘Time’ spent inside this capsule
Is but a blink of eye
For lifetime in Eternity
Goes far beyond you and I


© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2014
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Incandescent Marks

Incandescent marks flow across the page,
Driving me now on to eternity’s sage,
Expressing deep the innermost me,
Displaying all there is to see,

Never having reached this far or this fast,
The end is now in sight at last,
Forgetting darkness, dispersing fright,
Moving onward direct to light.

The page before perpetually glows,
An inner light it only knows,
Reaching for the soul within,
Forgiving thinking, deeds and sin

Testament to fields of life,
Exploring planes, dimensions rife,
Changing states as needs require,
Soul evolving higher and higher,

Moving in, moving out,
Forever listening for the shout
Of heavens call from source divine
To bring me home this heart of mine.

© Rob McShane – June 2014
All rights reserved

Eternity – NaPoWriMo Day 22

Bear with me please as I explore my depths,
Thinking, limits, perceptions, death,
Stay my course, hold me fast,
As I touch the present, future, past.

These are not roads for fearful souls,
There are other paths for them to go,
But lose the fear and walk with me,
And we may find eternity…