A few weeks ago, someone dipped their hand into my pocket whilst I was waiting in line at the local supermarket, removing my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I had used it to check my shopping list before walking to the queue so … stupid me!


In what world do we live where using the tool you bought (for a lot of money I might add!) to help you, which then exposes it to public view, opens up a space for someone to take it?

“This is Africa!” I hear, “Crime is rife!” – but I don’t think it’s much better anywhere else in the world from all the things I read, see and hear. So, tick that off the list – ‘tick’!
“You should have put it in your inside pocket.” Great, yeah, then asked someone to help me with the buckles, zips, padlocks and barbed wire fencing? – ‘tick’!
“Need to keep your eyes open!” – in a busy, bustling supermarket at around 6pm? How many eyes am I supposed to have and what direction must each one cover? – ‘tick’!
“Report the theft to the store.” – Yep. Did that. We all checked the camera feed – great view of my head as I pick the items from the trolley and pay…but no sign of any pick pocket! – ‘tick’!
“Report it to the police.” – not even going to bother to answer this one – ‘tick’!

So, short of hiring my own bodyguard to watch me all the time and protect my life, limb and anything I might be carrying in hands or pockets, any ideas?

How about we teach our kids a little more respect. You know, the good old idea that if it isn’t yours – meaning you didn’t buy it or receive it as a present – YOU DON’T TOUCH IT!

I know its not really a novel idea but it worked -FOR GENERATIONS…It worked!

Sure, we can solve unemployment so people will be working (no time to steal), be able to buy the things they need – like food, water, etc. (no need to steal) and some things they just want (no reason to steal). We can also cripple organised crime so there is no profit in taking what doesn’t belong to you so you can be part of the group, get paid, be accepted, etc. etc. And we can weed out the psychologically challenged (read nutters!) who can only resolve some dark, deep subconscious hurt/desire/need by stealing and magically heal them or lock them up and care for them in enclosed, controlled environments where their capacity to satisfy their longing is severely restricted. Yep! For sure, we could do all these things…and sudden, unexplained loss of property would become a thing of the past! Yeah…Sure!!

Or…we could just teach respect.

Educate as to consequences of actions; responsibility of self; AND TO LEAVE OTHER PEOPLES THINGS ALONE!

I didn’t lose any data (all backed up) and there was no danger financially but the INCONVENIENCE! Had to block the sim card and lock the phone, change all my passwords, warn everyone in case they hacked to FB, emails, etc. etc.

I had to buy another phone and could only afford (I live on a disability income!) a 2nd hand S3 Mini – more money – plus a sim card swap – more money – plus I still have to pay off the stolen phone until December 2015 – more money! And the worst part – THE SMALL SCREEN!

As a writer, I have a portable bluetooth keyboard which connected to the Note – and I could write ANYWHERE! It was fantastic, the reason I took the Note (it stretched me financially), also a planned replacement for my laptop which is now 6 years old and needing a lot of care to keep going (plus the screen is giving problems so I don’t want to move it around too much!). Worth the extra money I thought! What a bummer!

I can still kinda write poetry on the smaller phone but trying to format any book or even write on my novels-in-process is just impossible on the small screen.

So, as my part in educating consequences to actions and self-responsibility – to the person who helped themselves to my pocket contents: may your eyes grow so squint that the end of your nose becomes the permanent limit of your field of vision and finding your glasses in your own pocket (not even someone else’s pocket in a crowd) becomes impossible; your hand twists so skew that you can’t reach into your pocket – or that of anyone else; and may your life become so difficult that dry bread washed down with putrid water be a luxury you can’t afford.

Other than that I am not a vindictive person.

Hope you enjoy the phone – if you still have it! 🙂

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