Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #1


The saddest places for me,
Are those where we believe
We are truly alone


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


12 comments on “Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #1

  1. I have always felt alone in this world, even when ( perhaps especially when) surrounded by a lot of people. It’s not loneliness, it’s just alone-ness. I only become sad when I take on other people’s ideas that it should be sad. A deep sense of connection with others comes out of the suspicion that they are unutterably alone too.

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    • The difference between alone-ness and loneliness is so interesting is it not? I suspect the emotional effect at play! After all, no matter how close we ever get to another person, there is only us in our body (okay, excluding the multiple personality syndromes perhaps! ) – so, we’re born ‘alone’, we walk ‘alone’ and we die ‘alone’ – all of us!
      yet I have experienced that all we have to do is reach out and that ‘deep sense of connection’ is always there. Once again, our choice as to whether we wish to share with it or not – whatever ‘it’ may be!
      Yes, maybe my sadness is simply a perception that they are sad! Interesting!
      The strange part is, I am quite happy to accept that it could all be in my imagination! 🙂

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  2. Cosmologically speaking, I do not believe that we are truly alone. But on this green planet, amid a milky gauze, I reckon that a little bit of loneliness is not such a terrible thing.

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    • Thanks for your comment! Cosmologically, I agree 100%. I have met so many, however, who cannot seem to be alone (not comfortable with themselves maybe?) and ‘fall apart’ when they perceive they are – when, in reality, (well, at least mine! ;)) we are all but one thought away…


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