Life grew from silence,
Movement came from peace,
Worlds developed slowly,
Growing piece by piece.

So, why do we now rush around,
Filling spaces, making sound,
Competing to fill places which,
Replete with song of life, resound?

Is silence a forbidden thing?
To be taken secretly, on the wing?
Or can we find ourselves a space,
Listen to our soul’s quiet ring?

Where lies the fear of this terrible deed?
Why don’t we listen to our inner need?
It seems we can’t accept the peace,
Offered with alacrity and speed!


© Robin McShane – November 14 2014

Please see this blog’s copyright notice

Inner Whispers

The Eye of God (Courtesy NASA)

The Eye of God
(Courtesy NASA)

Whispers from within,
I feel the pull of self,
Deeper self,
Real self,
Inner self,
The self of God.

Silence, stillness,
Within the rush around,
Provides strength
To listen,
To hear,
To respond
To the voice
From within,
My inner self.

No more wondering,
No more thinking,
No more concern,
…. All is in hand.

That voice within
Will lead me home,
Help me to fulfill reason,
As need is.

Seeking blocks my path,
Being opens flow,
Thinking restricts being,
Listening opens heart,
Shares life,
Finds love.

It was, and is, there all the time.
We just need to listen.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

From Drugs to Beginnings

I touch ground
Ravaged by the soporific effects of the solumedrol
The drug that soothes my nerves yet fires my mind
Spatters my thoughts into a thousand arrows
Each off in their own direction
On their own path
No coherence
No sense
No semblance of reality

I slide into the morass of drug induced mist
Wraith-like drifting through
Following arrows
Pointedly heading to a point which does not exist

Time passes
Body exhumes and exhales
Drug excretes

Mind returns
Old patterns and ways
Boring reminisces of a life lived
Slipping slowly back inexorably
Into what was
What is

What shall be?
Can it be different?
I no longer want to be the same
This is a chance for a new beginning
Opportunities for a new me

Loosen my thoughts
Leave them free to roam
Change their tired patterns, grooves, ruts
Find open roads
Yet to be explored
Yet to be found
Yet to be lived

Hope lives eternally
In the inner me
To find a better way
A better me

Hope and love will work their magic

A puff of smoke
A new me stands before you

As I was in the beginning

A smile spreads my face
Anticipation fills my being
A new time has begun

© Robin McShane – October 2014

Rights reserved according to this blogs copyright

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Disabled? Handicapped?


It’s difficult to be “handicapped” or “disabled” or so labelled.
It’s easy to give in and to feel that you’re unable.
The sticker on your car or the card that’s in your purse,
It only says you’re different – nothing more and nothing worse.

We’re still the same old person, on the inside, deep down deep,
We’ve still the same desires, wishes, memories to keep,
We may have changed our outside look, our appearance or our style,
But all that’s coming out is what was hidden all the while.

By all the “tragic” happenings we’ve lived through and expressed,
We can use these opportunities to find our happiness,
For we all decide our attitude, our success in what we do,
By the way we think about it as we carry feeling through.

So, no matter what your history and no matter what your path,
We all search for our own truth in a smile and in a laugh,
And we all know when we’ve found it, when we’ve let go what’s held so tight,
And find within our inner selves, the stillness and the light.

So, let your inside out in the way you only can,
Release the inner woman or the man,
Be still when life requires it, be louder when you need,
And express the joy of living in your thought and in your deed.

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2001
Rights reserved asper this blog’s copyright

New Love

Then new love enters,
Fair of face,
Wide of eye,
Full of grace.

Beating to a different drum,
Teaching, learning,
Fresh roads to run.

Enfolding light,
Unseen, unheard,
Responding to a different word

Of inner self,
The journey set,
Fulfilling path,
A new duet.

Infinite Movement – NaPoWriMo Day 9

Flying fast, no-one could see,
The larger, greater part of me,
Or is it smaller? I don’t know,
How do you define a soul?

Quicker, smaller, more intense?
Wider, in a broader sense?
Feeling, touching, joining all,
Part of everything, great and small.

I could go on but wonder not,
Accept this as a way to know,
To feel within your very heart,
There’s something infinite on the go.