Moments Movement

moments movement Aoril 23 2018- - milky way blow out

Through the strata, life and living,
Drawn by promises of more,
Down side streets slyly opening,
Tales of love and lore,
Many fractious paradigms,
New and old devout,
Moments straight and curling,
Folding inside out,
We move with no beginning,
No goal waiting at the end,
It’s all about the journey,
Now and here, not then.
Flow with the moments movement,
No pondering the whys,
Just simply follow shining
With the light that never dies.


© 2018 Robin McShane

Destiny Unfurled


Where once we stumbled naturally,
We now stand proud and tall.
Life beat us down, took our pride,
Yet now we’ll take that fall.

For journey’s end is not in sight,
Destination far,
As pathway’s passage, moments lived,
Prepare for next step’s star.

Flowing through the gates of life,
Being as before,
It matters not in mind or soul,
For from the body tore

Differences between then and now,
Not seen nor felt nor heard,
But soulful touches, deeper strokes,
Destiny unfurled.


Moments and Memories



Watching spaces lightly falling
Pulled from all their hiding places
Caught by butterfly licks of light feathers
Brushed by breezes blowing past

Brought to fullest sunshine
As the moment was
Now gone
Yet never lost

Coloured by the way we felt then
Feel now
Taken to our being
Held in high esteem
Whilst living in this moment
Creating the next memory
To hold, hide, hope for more.



The Clock Of The World


All because of time,
Meaningless in the void,
Endless while we chase it,
This lock we try to loid.

It isn’t real.

Following clock around the world,
Faces tightly screwed and curled,
Bodies mangled, tangled, grooved,
Minds all twisted, turned and toothed,
While night to day turns day to night,
Zig and zagging, dark to light.

Yet you are still,
As mother moves,
Shall we take the challenge?

Mark the movement?
Lose the moment?
Flow and light the flame?

Forever searching,
Forever finding,
Forever losing way.

Balancing time with life,
Finding wrong and right,
Nothing but momentary movement,
Perceptions and perspectives.

Whilst you remain still,
Watching in silence
Reminding us of
A better way.



© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Clock Of The World

The Moments Of The Soul

water drop fantasy

I seek no explanations,
I do not wish to find
The secrets of the Universe
Within the confines of my mind.

And yet I yearn to know much more,
To understand what I now don’t,
Realising, as I think it through,
I probably, really, won’t.

The human part of me races forth,
Driving to fulfill its goal,
Never understanding or listening
To the reasons of my soul.

So I find myself in places wondering
‘How the heck did I get here?’
Trying to reassess
Purpose, reason, fear.

Beginning now to get it,
Life’s not about the goal
But the moments in the journey,
The moments of the soul.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

Arising Me


Time flew by on silken wings
Through lives abandoned
Cracked gold rings

Rising through the golden morn
Slipping dark, no more
Lost, forlorn

Finding now a diff’rent way
Feeling inner voice
Rise the day!

Who am I? I might well ask
Look inside myself
A hard task

What I feel is mine to try
Thoughts becoming me
Time to fly

Life is there for all to feel
Moments there to be
Felt for real


Note: Cannot find this as a style, anyone know it?
Three line stanzas with reducing odd syllables (7,5,3)
and 1st and 3rd line rhyme

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2nd 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Moments Daze

Grey cold light of day
Creeps across the land,
Something moves out there
Something out of hand.

It sucks in all the light,
A black hole swallowing deep,
So many lives it takes,
So much to hold and keep.

Light tries hard, recovering ground,
Dark reacts fast with it’s display,
And moving fast across the land,
Destroys, devours all in it’s way.

Good people stand, defying curse,
Watching home and hearth dispersed,
Run to save their loved ones close,
As light gives way to something worse.

Destruction lies behind the thing,
Wood now scattered, bricks and tin,
Lives in ruin, comunities torn,
Everything wasted, where to begin?

Torrential rain, winds ablaze,
Tornado running, lightning haze,
Thunder roaring, air devoured,
Life now changed in moments daze.

© Robin McShane 2014
All rights reserved

Writing Success

It’s amazing when you’re writing,
How people know it’s you,
Responding to the personal
Rather than things you thought you knew.

When I look back at all the stats
Technology now provides,
The most popular of all I’ve written
Are where my experience resides.

It seems that writing, as with life,
Has much more of an effect,
When we’re speaking from our hearts
Of the moments that we’ve met.

So, what have you learned on this day?
Can you share it with those who know?
For I have learnt to write from my life,
Seems the very best way to go!