Short Stories

Above The Storm


  Above The Storm (Thriller and Suspense)

When Pete first discovers spectacular activity coming out of the top of thunder storms, his seniors at NASA refuse to accept it. His passion leads to his dismissal and excommunication from the scientific community. An offer from a stranger to carry on his research and prove his theories leads to the plane trip to end all plane trips. A story of power, greed, money, and life-or-death deals made and broken.


No 322 - New cover-May 1 2014


  No. 322 (Psychological Suspense)

How do our brains receive, interpret and react or respond to information? Why do we just react through instinct and emotion? How do our brains perceive thought and reality? He had a theory and would prove it, no matter how many died in the process.


Death in the Air - Cover


Death In The Air  (Thriller)

A rough takeoff to a job Hedley really wished he hadn’t taken.



George Goes To Heaven - for Smashwords



George Goes To Heave(satire)

Three days in heaven? A man could get a totally new perspective…


Alien Golden Apples


  Alien Golden Apples (psychological suspense)                                                 

How do you live when your nightmare becomes a reality beyond your wildest fear? How would you manage when it promises to return?


Trust A Good Marriage - for Smashwords


  Trust A Good Marriage (Women’s Fiction)

A note accidentally left where it could be read and a marriage is under strain. What are our perceptions based on? – Assumptions are dangerous things.


Cover for Never Again


  Never Again (Women’s Fiction)

Painful breakups can leave us never wanting to date again. Then, of course, comes the joy of new beginnings.


Cover Photo - The Horticulturist


   The Intuitive Horticulturist (Women’s Fiction)

Do our perceptions determine our destiny? Can a new beginning come from one jug of milk?



Will He Get Home


  Will He Get Home? (Woman’s Fiction)                 

A storm can destroy many things – trees, buildings and lives. When your husband has not made it home, will your life be one of the casualties?






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