Standing On The Edge

For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 20 (not to prompt)


Hold me to a spirit that was
Pin me against a past tableau
Strip my soul of pent up action
Demand the drip, drip to torture
Insisting I endure the agony
Of memories and dark times

I shall take the bleached skull and raise it high
Reach out for understanding
For belief
As I fold into myself
Release expectation
Lose perception and perspective
Then stand alone on the white beach of time
Crying from within with no succour in sight
As the dreaded night falls
And sunshine preys on my dreams
Mother moon takes me to her heart and bosom
Feeds me nightwash
Until I gulp and choke
And dark rivulets run down my chin
To soak up my shirt of dew and rain
And everything I see and touch
Brings me home again


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Illusions and Fairy Tales


Illusions are but fairy tales,
Magic dust, cloud filled sails,
Breaths of air from giants’ cheeks,
As little boys climb mountain peaks.

Witches fly on sweeping brooms,
Big green goblins sprawl in tree-root rooms,
Kings and Queens court in mighty spires,
With Princesses saved by lowly squires.

All these tales, we know them well,
In our hearts, our minds, our lives, they dwell,
Until calamity strikes unseen,
Then we forget the boy and bean.

Yet what is life but scene on scene
Of fairies sweet and goblins green?
When we take life so seriously,
Illusions move reality.

What was sweet and felt so good,
Trades places now with a scythe and a hood,
We watch our dreams all chopped and slashed,
Hope slowly fails, in slices dashed.

Until we once again believe
In all the tapestry creation weaves,
Some patterns we feel, others we can’t,
Still illusions and fairy tales enchant.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Divinity Does Not Rest


Old ways left behind
Harrowing pathways ploughed
Now lie quiet

Breathing, fermenting new life

Except the wanderers
Who forage white fallow
Withering fields
Seeds yet to break their mould
Free their smothered wings
Light the sky
Open eyes
And feel

But never get the chance

The followers devour their find
Feed their frenzy
Fill their fear

Love’s potential dies
Life disperses
Hollowed success drowns in tears
As hunters hunt themselves
Holding history, tradition, dogma, high
Trampling freedom, life, love
In dusty, dying soil
Under hard leather boots
Laughing as souls wither
Ignoring the inner cries
Deaf to the roaring heavens
Blind to the building light
As Power Intensifies

Divinity Does Not Rest Nor Relent


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Note: I wrote this together with yesterday’s poem as one piece, this one flowing on from yesterdays. However, on reading and re-reading they really felt like two separate poems, even though there are some threads running through both. Very strange! So, I have split them where I felt the darker side entered and made them two poems.
Would love to hear feedback…..Any thoughts?

Dark To Light


There’s a darker ring,
If we all give in,
Chase a world we think others see.

There’s a lighter side,
If we turn aside,
See our light now shining free.

But what fun is that,
If we can’t extract,
The pleasure and the pain,

Of living in
This body bin,
Coming back time and again?

Part lesson here,
Another there,
Taking lifetimes now to learn

The part we chose,
From heart exposed,
The experiences we yearn.

Emotions bit,
The pleasure pit,
The pleasure and the pain.

We chose each moment,
To our detriment,
And took the trip again.

There soon will be
No darker lee
With which to play this pace,

Light is firing,
Fast vibrating,
Finished with our race.

And thus I raise
My glass in praise
To the present and the past.

Life is changing,
Seeking, ranging,
Days of nights can’t last.

So rise up now,
Grasp the Wow,
Your soul, your life, yourself.

Your light unfurled
Upon the world
Redefines its wealth.

In gratitude
Find fortitude,
A Universe of joy,

And lovingly,
And caringly,
Share with woman, man, girl, boy.


My Kingdom For A Crystal Ball

crystal ball-dec 2 2015-morguefile

I wondered why I left that day,
Worried about right and wrong,
Plagued for years to come
By dreams,

Troubled by potential consequences,
Concerned with possible damage,
The hurt,
And pain.

All to no avail.

Choices made by all,
Action taken by all,
Results undreamt of,
Unplanned for,
Unheard of,

Not one of us has control,
No-one knows the outcome
Of choices made.

What seems best
At the time
Is for that time.

As time moves,
Thoughts differ,
People change,
Needs change,
‘Best’ changes.

Crystal balls are in short supply…


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


The Clock Of The World


All because of time,
Meaningless in the void,
Endless while we chase it,
This lock we try to loid.

It isn’t real.

Following clock around the world,
Faces tightly screwed and curled,
Bodies mangled, tangled, grooved,
Minds all twisted, turned and toothed,
While night to day turns day to night,
Zig and zagging, dark to light.

Yet you are still,
As mother moves,
Shall we take the challenge?

Mark the movement?
Lose the moment?
Flow and light the flame?

Forever searching,
Forever finding,
Forever losing way.

Balancing time with life,
Finding wrong and right,
Nothing but momentary movement,
Perceptions and perspectives.

Whilst you remain still,
Watching in silence
Reminding us of
A better way.



© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Clock Of The World

Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #3

Puts a price
On many things

Aren’t the most important truly priceless?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Quick note : experiencing Internet access issues which will hopefully be sorted soon – apologies for lack of images – working from phone and small tablet! Hopefully, the words will paint their own pictures! 🙂

English Tanka – #3

English Tanka - No 3 - July 31 2015

Life, growth, together,
Can be perfect harmony,
Discordant rhythm

Follow those who choose to be
Drowned in life’s expectancy


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

An African Future

an african future - july 27 2015

In Africa, on a dank, dark day
Came a man who blew the winds away.
Across the plains he raced his horse,
Holding straight and true his course,
Before him sped the breeze of time,
Barren spaces, hoards sublime,
Wheeling, spinning, whirling, whorled,
People lost in this new world,
No excuses, arguments,
Simply life with no augments,
As it is, as it will be,
Grasp your future, set it free.
He moves too fast, this man of might,
Does not tarry, will not fight,
Eyes held forward on his goal,
Horizon bound, for us to know.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane