A 4am Thought

For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 12 (not to prompt)

It’s four o’clock and I cannot sleep,
Brain drifting, thinking, running deep,
Muscles tight and spasms hard,
Wish I could this leg discard.

Busy day behind me falls,
One ahead to answer calls,
Any and all, come on, I’ll cope,
With a dash of power and strength and hope.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

April Showers – NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 2 (not to prompt)


April springs through salty showers,
Dams March’s drought, destroys the flowers,
Cold seeps through in every vein,
Chaucer speaks in opposites again,
Let flow go, beware of speed,
As veggies die and go to seed,
Wonder not this time of year,
For seasons change with nary a tear,
Grateful for the chance we get,
To spin the wheel with no regret,
Keeping to the straight and narrow,
Accepting freeze through bone and marrow,
Happy to be here at all,
Shoulders back, standing tall,
Distance not a space to go,
As life goes by, now fast, now slow.


My Kingdom For A Crystal Ball

crystal ball-dec 2 2015-morguefile

I wondered why I left that day,
Worried about right and wrong,
Plagued for years to come
By dreams,

Troubled by potential consequences,
Concerned with possible damage,
The hurt,
And pain.

All to no avail.

Choices made by all,
Action taken by all,
Results undreamt of,
Unplanned for,
Unheard of,

Not one of us has control,
No-one knows the outcome
Of choices made.

What seems best
At the time
Is for that time.

As time moves,
Thoughts differ,
People change,
Needs change,
‘Best’ changes.

Crystal balls are in short supply…


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


The Clock Of The World


All because of time,
Meaningless in the void,
Endless while we chase it,
This lock we try to loid.

It isn’t real.

Following clock around the world,
Faces tightly screwed and curled,
Bodies mangled, tangled, grooved,
Minds all twisted, turned and toothed,
While night to day turns day to night,
Zig and zagging, dark to light.

Yet you are still,
As mother moves,
Shall we take the challenge?

Mark the movement?
Lose the moment?
Flow and light the flame?

Forever searching,
Forever finding,
Forever losing way.

Balancing time with life,
Finding wrong and right,
Nothing but momentary movement,
Perceptions and perspectives.

Whilst you remain still,
Watching in silence
Reminding us of
A better way.



© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Clock Of The World

English Haiku – #3 Time and Space


Time, space, suspended
Movement racked, straining, puce faced
Energy restrained

Your outer shell breaks
Dimensions flood rapidly
Time and space released


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement

Peace In The World

Peace In This World

There is a peace
To this world
Yes, there is

There is a peace
To be found
If we let go

There is a peace
Through release
From the mind

A place
Where the heart
Wants to go

Where it sings
Through the being
Of itself

And whispers
Through the winds
Of its song

And breathes
With the light
Of its kind

There is a peace
To this world
That, I know


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement

Living with MS

Walk with me this morning
Hold my left hand tight
I’ll grasp cane in my right
Push forward with all my might

Yet all my might means little
As strength and muscles ebb
Thank goodness for the ‘net
And the world wide web

I can meet my friends on line
Talk and laugh and share
When the legs don’t let me walk
I can trust they’ll always be there

So getting out is no big deal
When the body calls its shots
When balance, brain fog, muscles
Say “Walking and driving…Not!”

My chair becomes my comfort zone
The place I cannot fall
My old friend the computer
A Window to it all

I can research things to help
Talk with friends both old and new
And write and write and write
In between the odd old snooze!

Living with MS
A new way to see the world
Everything now changing
With every moment unfurled

(Providing my leg stops jumping
Long enough for me to type! :))


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
Thank you


deities door - morguefile

Deities came calling,
Knocking on my door,
Hoping to hold and help me
Go further than before.

Yet I would not listen,
Thought I knew a better way,
After all, I was in the body,
I could find the better day.

So they took a long step back,
Sighed and gave me space,
Of a different kind,
In a different place.

I miss them now, those special folk,
The ones from through the gate,
My arrogance has slipped away,
I pray it’s not too late.

I wait upon a movement,
To take me to the voice,
Feeling heavy loss,
Understanding now my choice.

That those who come to help us,
Do so of free will,
And when we will not listen,
Simply move to those who will.

Taking with them all the love,
The energy they bring,
Leaving one bereft,
Of the emanations that they sing.

It seems so very far removed,
Now, where I find myself,
I stand stripped and ready,
For any signs of help.

I doubt if it can ever be,
The way it was before,
So, I’ll sit and wait here quietly,
For ship to take to shore.

A different shore, maybe another place,
I know they’ll send the best,
For how and what I am right now,
I’ll trust them with the rest.

Quietly I’ll sit,
In the present I have made,
Work through everyday,
Every moment in the shade.

Preparing for the time,
When they knock upon my door,
Come to offer help,
And love, for evermore.


© Copyright 2015 – Robin McShane

Bare Soul In The Frame

mona lisa

I feel your eyes watching every move,
As I rise to wakefulness,
Find my groove.

Would it were you could travel with,
Hide in my bag, fulfill the myth,
But the secrets you carry, secreted safe,
Could seriously rub and desperately chafe.

You’ve known me closest, more than any,
I’ve whispered my truths, maybe too many,
My faults and mistakes, my thoughts and my lies,
My inner meanings, my laughs and my cries.

You’ve wondered with me through answers deep,
Felt the need throughout me seep,
Heard questions spoken, loud and clear,
And secrets whispered to an inner ear.

You have been there all this time,
Smiling eyes watching mine,
Dimpled cheeks, flawless brow,
Laughlines speaking … up to now,
For now comes silence, thick and fast,
Ending discussions shared in the past.

You now look straight through me, small, serene,
Refuse to pass on your thoughts unseen,
Feeling all my dark despair,
No longer venturing with me there,
As if the pain was mine alone,
To carry with me on my own.

You do not say, you cannot speak,
I turn your frame and in silence seek.

You’ve never moved nor changed your pose,
Standing as your artist chose,
Yet I move forwards, onwards, up,
Though never lose your loving touch.
Searching for your being sublime,
Now feeling answers that are mine,
Always were, always will be,
But it’s not the same when it’s only me.

I long for a flicker, a sign of life,
To prove you are real,
More than paint and knife,

Understanding my wait is a wait so in vain,
You can never be with me as we were again,
We’ve both moved on to pastures new,
I’ll rehang your frame where the sun touches you,
And smile at your face as I walk quietly by,
Remembering the times when you’d quietly sigh.


© Copyright February 2015 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright statement

Mornings Call


I awoke before the birds today,
Heard the chorus rise,
Felt the silent morning peace,
Before the rush of daily lives.

Thought it strange,
The pace we build,
To prove our place on earth.

Found it weird,
The thought of this,
To prove our daily worth.

As people rise to start their day,
Yawn, stretch, put coffee on,
How sad to feel their loss of way,
By following habit long.

For what else to do when nothing calls,
Except the call unheard?
But follow habits long ingrained,
Like the chorus of the bird.


Of course, we have the choice,
Could listen to that call,
Follow where the day just leads,
And into life just fall.