Nothing But Love

Nothing But Love - dec 10 2017 - galaxy NGC 4490 - hubble

It took me a while
To realise how,
The ‘what’ and the ‘if’,
The ‘should haves’ of now.

It finally dawned,
I let the past go,
Importance of ‘then’,
Now infinitely low.

Come with me, we’ll climb
To heights far above,
Joy in the moment,
And nothing but love.


Copyright © 2017 Robin McShane

Eternity In A Moment

Eternity In A Moment - Nov 19 2017 - credit to morguefile-hotblackfile8891347731372

Tumultuous skies rained
On soft feathers.

Stretching the whisper of touches
He reached for her.
She could not see through the veil
Yet felt the touch,
Leaned her head to the breeze,
Aching for more.

Responding to the need,
Creation paused.

He withdrew his hand, thunder rolled,
Clouds broke apart,
Tear soaked feathers lifted, waved,
Sunrays poured through,
Stroking face, smoothing fears,
Soothing sorrow.

Eternal memory,
Moment in time.


Poem © Copyright 2017 Robin McShane

Photo by ‘hotblack’ at – thank you

Between The Spaces

Between The Spaces - October 8 2017 - hubble

In between
Lie spaces
Sinuously teeming
Silently streaming
Riches of life

You may
Find me

We shared

That’s still there

Grasping at stars
Like sparks
In the air

Hoping to find you
In each
Flickering glare

Turning then twisting
For the life
In between

Where love
Is all
There is


© 2017 Robin McShane

Fathers Love Lament


Candles flickering in the dark night scene,
Two lovers meeting silently unseen,
Sweet whispers carry nothing of import,
As lips kiss ears and breathing becomes short.
Shouts filter through the woods coming their way,
The father hunting hard to have his say,
Yet knowing how he feels can’t stop their love,
Both feel divinely met from God above.
Nothing here on Earth can part them now,
As face to face they slowly sink to ground,
To consummate their love as soon as die,
In passions frenzy Jules reaches for her guy,
And when the dogs arrive their love is spent,
As Father, looking down, starts his lament.


When Love Becomes More

elephant couple - freeimages

When love becomes more than you expected
Days brighten
Clouds seem full of life and faces
Senses heighten
Clarity returns to places you thought had died
Your world shines again


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Love Beyond


Lovers fly on gilded wings
Lighting up the sky
There exists amazing sights
Missed by people passing by

A pause, a flare, so bright my eyes unseen
Feel for your touch
Where your skin has been
And mine now follows

Daring to break tradition
Threatening history in its wake
Forcing new pathways open
As I stretch for you

You pause
I flare
We touch

Moving forward unseen

Silent wings take flight


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Missing You


Hot vibrant sun now pours the sand,
Fighting waves that pound the shore,
While wild eyed sky expands the line,
Stretching wide to countless crore.

There ice cold snow continues falling,
Making mountains climb their heights,
Skiers fight to take the challenge,
Scoring land pristine and white.

Flying in my hot air balloon,
Sunrise falling from above,
Feeling only one thing missing,
You, in my embrace, my love.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane