Fathers Love Lament


Candles flickering in the dark night scene,
Two lovers meeting silently unseen,
Sweet whispers carry nothing of import,
As lips kiss ears and breathing becomes short.
Shouts filter through the woods coming their way,
The father hunting hard to have his say,
Yet knowing how he feels can’t stop their love,
Both feel divinely met from God above.
Nothing here on Earth can part them now,
As face to face they slowly sink to ground,
To consummate their love as soon as die,
In passions frenzy Jules reaches for her guy,
And when the dogs arrive their love is spent,
As Father, looking down, starts his lament.



9 comments on “Fathers Love Lament

  1. Send this scene to a movie studio because I saw the father running in the woods with dogs and Jules and her partner romping ignoring everything. Well done Rob! P.S Did Jules father shoot the guym

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  2. You’ve captured a whole story in the space of a sonnet..wow! And it reads so nice and smoothly, Rob, rhythm and rhyme. “As lips kiss ears and breathing becomes short,” is just a perfect capture. I can see the whole thing.

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