Love Beyond


Lovers fly on gilded wings
Lighting up the sky
There exists amazing sights
Missed by people passing by

A pause, a flare, so bright my eyes unseen
Feel for your touch
Where your skin has been
And mine now follows

Daring to break tradition
Threatening history in its wake
Forcing new pathways open
As I stretch for you

You pause
I flare
We touch

Moving forward unseen

Silent wings take flight


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


Fractured Soul Becoming Whole

When souls are fractured
Torn apart
What happens to the human heart?

When heaven splits it
From itself
What choices left to heal and health?

So isolated
Far from source,
What is left as a soul’s recourse?

To bide its time
Await the day
For life to show a brand new way

And gradually
Be withdrawn
As halves repairing what was torn

Step out into a bright new day
As one again
Rebirth attained

Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane

The New Road

In the heat of battle won,
In the lull before the void,
At a time the world stands still,
A victory yet enjoyed.

When a soul stands lost, forlorn,
In mists of shadow lands,
With forearm limp and tired,
Sword bloodied in the hand.

You join in raging thunder,
Take silence by the hand
And change all those around you
By your presence and your stand.

You know what you must do,
You hear the voices tell,
You feel the swirl around,
As you await the mighty swell.

As battles are but brief,
For all the strength entailed,
And life keeps moving forward
Restoration thinly veiled.

So you wait in earth bound silence
For all to come to right
As the door stands bright before you
Then opens to the light.

You ride the wave that follows,
Full balanced in the night
And carry what you need
With all your strength and might.

The troubles of this life,
The needless details man creates,
Will fall away in brightness
As the energy awakes

And moves the planet forward
With those who wish to share,
Returning to a path long tread
The new road now appears.

© Robin McShane – January 2014

The Day It Changed – NaPoWriMo Day 20

Then came the day that took it all away,
The life I had, the dreams, the future,
Trashed in moments of pain and cloud and more pain.
Despair became the enemy,
Reasons sought to keep the beast at bay.

Many sat and judged,
Many saw, they say,
Their truth in what they thought was real,
Their perception of their way.

Gates stand open
Pathways to follow,
Choices to make.

Nothing will ever be the same again,
Now there is nothing to hold onto,
No box to keep intact,
Only now there is joy in change,
As each moment becomes alive
With the possibilities that lie
In a Universe of opportunity.
We are blessed, loved and supported
Almost beyond belief
And definitely beyond our understanding.

The experience that crushes our minds
Can free our souls
If we choose so…