Being There

Being There - june 18 2015- seascape ceci - dec 2014

Photo Credit: Cecilia Rizan 2014

In silence he comes,
Sits beside me in the rain,
Asks me to my soul,
Do I know the way to go?

Deep within I am not sure,
How to answer honestly?
Pondering this question deep
I turn, he’s disappeared


There comes a time in life
When you have to show up
In the moment
Not just in person or body
But in soul and being
You have to BE there
Wherever your ‘there’ is
And in being there
You will know


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


12 comments on “Being There

  1. I have read this poem several times and I am trying to figure out what seemna mystery to me. I see one of your readers alluded it to ‘now’ and you agreed. So tell me Rob, is it about now, being present in body and soul, participation, awareness… I am very curious.

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    • Exactly that….(Thanks for your question).
      So often I think we live life from what we think other people want or expect from us or from what we expect from ourselves as a human personality, not being aware of the spiritual part of us which links to the greater essence. So, yes, the poem is about being fully in the moment, with awareness of who we are – body, mind and soul. In that awareness, there is no hesitation as to choices or answers, no need to search inside yourself or anywhere else as you will just know.
      Does that make sense?


        • For sure! Can sometimes be so difficult,I find.
          We have pasts and futures, dreams and desires, clocks, deadlines, other people we care for – so many detractions and distractions! Guess that’s what makes being human the challenge and the experience and a lesson?
          The last poem I always put in my books:
          Ask me not who or how
          Do not demand of me things I cannot offer
          Accept me as I am

          Expect nothing of me for the future
          The future has itself to take care of
          Accept me in the now

          Take nothing from my past
          No judgement of lives lived
          Know me as I am

          If all we have is the moment
          Please do not fill it with the future or the past
          Now is all I have, this is all I am

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  2. Gorgeous poem about the now; love it Rob. We can so easily miss the now even when we become determined not to miss it as we become wrapped up in life’s unimportant stuff. The point being that when “now” has gone it can’t be repeated. 😊

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    • Glad you enjoyed the poem Chris. Your comment so true – even, as you say, when we’re determined to enjoy and be in each and every moment, flits, and some pass us by… and they’re gone! Full awareness can be tough sometimes! 🙂

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