Finding My Way

Finding My Way - July 18 2016


I found myself in times gone by,
Sinking low then rising high,
Riding waves, some low, some steep,
Floating tides, experiences deep,
Taken to the fullest seen,
My life’s perspective, clear and clean,
Then clouded by bright thoughts around,
Of others perceptions, circling sounds,
Losing grip on my own path,
Led astray by thoughts and tasks,
Other people’s sense, idea,
Of my perception, why I’m here.

Taking breath and holding course,
Now finding my way back to source.



Memories In Winter

blurred stars - pixabay

Winter bites
As every year
The bite forgotten
Through summer’s haze
Until sharp teeth
Pierce skin and bone
And warmth becomes the memory

Yet memories belong to us
As we see it now
As it was then

Yet, maybe, it wasn’t


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Time Moves


crowded where you live

Time arrives,
Flying in through open windows,
Displaying scenes from life,
Fleeting, fleeing, freeing.

Years leave,
Walking out through closed doors,
Leaving experiences now gone,
Fleeting, fleeing, freeing.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Burning Days

For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 26 (Not to prompt)


Dark days filled with warm collusion
Took my blood and boiled it
Stripped my skin and framed it
Left it out to dry
Displayed for all to see
And judge

I watched from afar
As children danced around a fire that was me
Undaunted by the tainted smell
By the touch
Of death
And the putrid satisfaction
Of those who wish to
Have more
See more
Die more

Chance took me afoot
Flying near the edge
Wings crisped by burning sunlight
Thrown out across the heavens to
Want more
Show more
Be more

Only one way left now


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane


For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 24 (not to prompt)


People plead for food
In plaintive cries
That echo through the valleys.

Water flows from empty taps
That dry the land,
Leave bones
Reaching for the sun,
As they crumble to dust.

People stare through dead sockets,
Fighting for life,
Killing for control.

My brain empties.

I walk to nowhere,
My soul clings to itself
Without understanding
Or knowledge,
Confused beyond belief,
Believing beyond confusion
That there must be a rock
Melting fluidly with the flow,
Holding all within its feel,
Feeding soil and being,
Giving life where there is only void.

© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane


Owner or Steward?

For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo2016 – Day 16 (not to prompt)

When Kublai Khan his world decreed,
No-one answered, disagreed,
He owned the land, he owned the realm,
Those who argued he would overwhelm.

Oh, to be supreme as he,
To own the land, the sky, the sea,
Yet really…did he own it all?
With his death, where did it fall?

His chosen one already dead,
Kublai left it to the son instead,
So, who owns what at end of day,
As this planet spins in the Milky Way?

We fight and die over…over…well what?
A piece of land that’s worth a jot?
A bauble, some gold, a shell or some art,
Well, what would you give for a shot in the dark?

For I think that I own what I have while I’m here,
Forgetting the day when I’ll leave this blue sphere,
And then, when I’m gone, only space left behind,
Will people fight over all I thought mine?

Where is the value?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Has The Serpent Risen?

For NaPoWriMo and GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 9 (to prompt)

The prompt: “Today, I challenge you to write a poem that includes a line that you’re afraid to write. This might be because …. But it should be something that you’re genuinely a little scared to say.”


When we prod the rising snake
Curled tightly around the globe,
Watch scales slither over scales,
With little space between,
As it gathers more unto itself
And prepares to strike,
Can we unwrap the coils of greed?
The tight bands
Wound around the world’s neck?
Shake the silent beast
And shout “Enough!”?
Will we release its hold
And, if we do,
What will take it’s place?
Is that the fear from which we hide?
Or do we feed it’s power
Believing we are actually gaining ourselves?
Hah! The illusions that we build,
Face upon face,
Sand upon sand,
Time upon time.
Maybe the serpent has swallowed us already…


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Divinity Does Not Rest


Old ways left behind
Harrowing pathways ploughed
Now lie quiet

Breathing, fermenting new life

Except the wanderers
Who forage white fallow
Withering fields
Seeds yet to break their mould
Free their smothered wings
Light the sky
Open eyes
And feel

But never get the chance

The followers devour their find
Feed their frenzy
Fill their fear

Love’s potential dies
Life disperses
Hollowed success drowns in tears
As hunters hunt themselves
Holding history, tradition, dogma, high
Trampling freedom, life, love
In dusty, dying soil
Under hard leather boots
Laughing as souls wither
Ignoring the inner cries
Deaf to the roaring heavens
Blind to the building light
As Power Intensifies

Divinity Does Not Rest Nor Relent


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Note: I wrote this together with yesterday’s poem as one piece, this one flowing on from yesterdays. However, on reading and re-reading they really felt like two separate poems, even though there are some threads running through both. Very strange! So, I have split them where I felt the darker side entered and made them two poems.
Would love to hear feedback…..Any thoughts?

Dark To Light


There’s a darker ring,
If we all give in,
Chase a world we think others see.

There’s a lighter side,
If we turn aside,
See our light now shining free.

But what fun is that,
If we can’t extract,
The pleasure and the pain,

Of living in
This body bin,
Coming back time and again?

Part lesson here,
Another there,
Taking lifetimes now to learn

The part we chose,
From heart exposed,
The experiences we yearn.

Emotions bit,
The pleasure pit,
The pleasure and the pain.

We chose each moment,
To our detriment,
And took the trip again.

There soon will be
No darker lee
With which to play this pace,

Light is firing,
Fast vibrating,
Finished with our race.

And thus I raise
My glass in praise
To the present and the past.

Life is changing,
Seeking, ranging,
Days of nights can’t last.

So rise up now,
Grasp the Wow,
Your soul, your life, yourself.

Your light unfurled
Upon the world
Redefines its wealth.

In gratitude
Find fortitude,
A Universe of joy,

And lovingly,
And caringly,
Share with woman, man, girl, boy.



The Clock Of The World


All because of time,
Meaningless in the void,
Endless while we chase it,
This lock we try to loid.

It isn’t real.

Following clock around the world,
Faces tightly screwed and curled,
Bodies mangled, tangled, grooved,
Minds all twisted, turned and toothed,
While night to day turns day to night,
Zig and zagging, dark to light.

Yet you are still,
As mother moves,
Shall we take the challenge?

Mark the movement?
Lose the moment?
Flow and light the flame?

Forever searching,
Forever finding,
Forever losing way.

Balancing time with life,
Finding wrong and right,
Nothing but momentary movement,
Perceptions and perspectives.

Whilst you remain still,
Watching in silence
Reminding us of
A better way.



© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

The Clock Of The World