Where I Am


Where I walk,
Let there be light,
Where I pause,
Let music fill the air,
Where I kneel,
Let the love of life fill me.


Being There

Being There - june 18 2015- seascape ceci - dec 2014

Photo Credit: Cecilia Rizan 2014

In silence he comes,
Sits beside me in the rain,
Asks me to my soul,
Do I know the way to go?

Deep within I am not sure,
How to answer honestly?
Pondering this question deep
I turn, he’s disappeared


There comes a time in life
When you have to show up
In the moment
Not just in person or body
But in soul and being
You have to BE there
Wherever your ‘there’ is
And in being there
You will know


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane