Note: Poems About … (Vol II) released in South Africa

I am still awaiting the proofs to release my third poetry chapbook – Poems About … (Vol II) – internationally (the SA postal service being notoriously unreliable!).

However, I have books here in South Africa, but it is really expensive and unreliable for me to post from here internationally. I am willing to do it but would rather that my friends around the world wait until I can release from lulu – much safer and cheaper for you!

For my SA followers however, if you would like a copy of ‘Poems About … (Vol II)’ please drop your email address in the comments to this note and I will forward you all the details!

For my international friends and followers, I will let you know as soon as I have proofed the copies from If you really can’t wait (ha ha!!), drop me your email in a comment and I will find out the p&p to your country from here.

eBook and advert cover

“In this next volume of the ‘Poems About …” series, Rob explores Life, Love and Destiny in his continued search for purpose.
As ever, his poems will draw you back again and again to spaces of peace and hope with opportunities for new insights and meanings at each visit.”

Wishing you all an awesome day!


6 comments on “Note: Poems About … (Vol II) released in South Africa

    • Thanks Chris 🙂 I have watched video of your book launch twice now… Really enjoy it… A special event for you and great to see you ‘live’. You did a great job – Glenda too! Readings were very clear, clean and crisp! Your mentor is very good as well – very professional yet friendly and ‘down to earth’! Congrats on a fantastic first show!
      I’ll ask again – when does the tour start?

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