Living with MS

Walk with me this morning
Hold my left hand tight
I’ll grasp cane in my right
Push forward with all my might

Yet all my might means little
As strength and muscles ebb
Thank goodness for the ‘net
And the world wide web

I can meet my friends on line
Talk and laugh and share
When the legs don’t let me walk
I can trust they’ll always be there

So getting out is no big deal
When the body calls its shots
When balance, brain fog, muscles
Say “Walking and driving…Not!”

My chair becomes my comfort zone
The place I cannot fall
My old friend the computer
A Window to it all

I can research things to help
Talk with friends both old and new
And write and write and write
In between the odd old snooze!

Living with MS
A new way to see the world
Everything now changing
With every moment unfurled

(Providing my leg stops jumping
Long enough for me to type! :))


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
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