Riders In The Night

Riders in the Night - Dec 3 2017 - Hubble views remnants of long dead star

Riding high through waves of time
Bristling as they came
Hoof beats, hardest, black as night
Beating out their name

Out to kill, out to maim,
Hate and passion deep,
Faster, faster, down they bore,
Seeking blood to reap.

Clash of iron, ring of steel,
Bodies falling ’round,
Arcing maces, swinging swords,
Lances upwards bound.

Riderless horses carry on,
Riders lying spent,
Little left to claim or hate,
Following death’s vent.


Rebellion, Insurrection, Revolution

then again the people rose
fleet of foot, light on toes
hard to heel, quick to feel
up and down the road they’d reel

crashing rulers
crushing ruled
flashing power
flushing pooled

stretched now far beyond endurance
rising, taking own insurance
tired of corruption, self and greed
bored with politicians’ promises to heed

all their words and their desires
money from pockets burnt like tyres
spent on worthless stupid things
no accounts or reckonings

so now step forward Mr Leader
time to answer your misdemeanors
chance to tell it as it was
time to put the flames out fast

impossible, this thing we ask?
to now explain your every task?
weak of person, soul and being
now you feel what we’ve been seeing

you who thought yourself so great
above the law, the land, the hate
kneel before us, those you bled
and hear our voice until you’re dead


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Gang Law


It never fails me

When all is told
Feeling brave
Acting bold
Believing life
Can be won
By the thrust of a knife
Or the shot of a gun

Swaggering forward
I take my place
At the front of the group
The head of the race

Look into eyes
Filled with hate not fear
A laugh from behind
A howl, a jeer

The drop to the knees
A move to behind
Squeeze of the trigger
Another win defined


© Copyright February 2015 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blo’gs copyright statement

Turbulent Times

Turbulent times we live in,
Expressions found anew,
Disrespect, uncaring souls,
Violence through and through.

Chaotic times we live in,
Opportunities to reassess,
Our priorities and our values,
All we’ve chosen to suppress.

Changing times we live in,
Comfort zones blown away,
Will we seize the opportunity?
Let our souls come out to play?

We’ve little choice, the inside out
Has nowhere left to hide,
Who we are and how we feel
Just will not be denied.

Which leaves us feeling frightened,
Exposed and vulnerable,
Yet the truth of inner power,
Reveals a soul untouchable.

For many this is new,
Release from doctrine tight,
Not quite sure just what to do,
They hold on with all their might.

The need to pass responsibility,
With promises to reap,
Means ignoring the inner feeling,
Follow someone else, like sheep.

Turbulent times we live in,
Time to re-awake,
Our hearts and passions fire
The life we wish to make.


© Copyright January 2015 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement