Note: Pacing with MS


A quick note to elucidate my posting inconsistency!

Following my return to blogging a few weeks back, with great zest and anticipation I might add, my body (and mind) reminded me this week of the need to pace myself, and, in the case of the ever-unpredictable MS,  how difficult (nigh on impossible) this is to do. I so wish to maintain a regular schedule of posting and reading but find this frustratingly elusive.

I am so grateful for your reading, following, liking and commenting and find my generosity of return frustrating and disappointing – I miss out on so many of your talented, thought engendering and enjoyable posts.

My life, with MS, has been a series of starts and stops – having to let go of actions, activities, companionship’s, friendships, and more – continually being reminded of a reason and a season…

So, from now on, my presence will be more of an occasional appearance (or flurry of them), dependent on my ability to engage (I am not letting go of this activity completely!). Hopefully, I can at least maintain the Friday Haiku posts.

Thank you all for allowing me to share your parts of the blogosphere, your lives and your thoughts, and for joining me in mine.

You are all appreciated more then you may know.

I will see you on an ‘as and when’ basis as much as is possible.





Discharged from the hospital today…interesting 5 days!! Underlying reasons for the admission starting to improve but and still very fuzzy headed from the large doses of cortisone IV. This can take some time to ‘clean out’ so maybe still a little time before my next post and ‘catch up’ with all you wonderful poets and people and your writings! Thanks for all the thoughts! See you soon!


Thanks to each and every one following and liking my poetry. Cannot tell you how much it means – not writing to a void but knowing there are real people reading,  relating and sharing ourselves. Makes everything so special!
Must apologise if I am unable to respond for a few days… Am in hospital for a course of treatment for the MS. Nothing serious and have had this many times over the years but it can make me a bit ‘loopy’ (I know, that doesn’t take much!  🙂  – and tired.
Plus I am using my phone which has some restrictions!
Again, it’s great to meet you all and share – please forgive if I am off grid for a few days! Will try and keep contact and I will be back. 🙂 🙂
Love and thoughts to all – each and every one.