Time Bites – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 11 (off prompt)

Time flagrantly bites the day,
Wordlessly chews it away,
Hiding in frantic turns and twists
The tongue of havoc, chaos, anarchy.

Perceived as running, in truth
It stands quietly watching,
Waiting for us to find it,
Fill it,
Furnish it with meaning,
Beyond which it is meaningless,

Until it bites.


© Copyright Robin Mcshane
as per this blog’s copyright statement


Time – Poetry 201 – Day 10 (last day!)

The details for this final day of ‘Writing 201 – Poetry’ are to write a sonnet with the prompt of the future using Chiasmus (essentially a reversal of words, phrases or concepts).

I wrote ‘Time 2’ first (after much editing!), then realized it wasn’t in iambic pentameter! So, I played with it to get it there (okay – almost!) – see ‘Time 1’. Iambic pentameter is the more classic and recognized meter for a sonnet. These days however, it seems we do have a little more room! I have also mixed the rhyming structure between the original Italian  sonnets and….well…my own (I think!).

So, some help please:- a) are these sonnets? and b) which do you prefer and why?

All suggestions very welcome! Am a little confused on this one especially as I prefer Time 2 as a poem!

So, to the poems:

Time 1
By moving forwards back, then backwards fore,
The game’s afoot, now time’s illusion gaunt,
To live in the past, where hopes lie tattered and taunt,
Or move to the future, where hopes lie scattered galore,
A difficult choice when always searching for more,
With opening pathways appearing so nonchalant,
And ghosts of the past reappear, continuing to haunt,
It’s all so confusing, and hurts us to the core.
To live in a moment full of pain and frustration,
Or live in the moment present, feel the perfection,
It is ours to choose, ours to make a selection,
Forwards or backwards or, simply, take no direction,
Living, enjoying the moment we find ourselves in,
Love it, be grateful and ask it to fold us within.

Time 2
Moving forwards and backwards, then backwards and fore,
The game’s now afoot, time illusive and gaunt,
Could live in the past where my hopes lie and taunt,
Or move to the future, where hopes lie galore,
A difficult choice when searching for more,
With opening pathways so nonchalant,
And ghosts of the past continuing to haunt,
It’s all so confusing, it hurts to the core.
To live in a moment full of frustration,
Or live in the moment, feel the perfection,
It is ours to choose, to make a selection,
Forwards or backwards or take no direction,
Simply enjoying the moment we’re in,
Live it and love it, enfold us within.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

New Years Eve – 2014

The year draws to a close,
Days, they fuzz so fast,
A misty veil ‘tween then and now,
A future from the past.

So here’s to all the year has brought,
Thoughts, experiences, life,
Maybe, in the year to come,
A little less of strife?

Time in measurement,
Oh, so strange,
A moment, here, to pass,
And passing so, in blink of eye,
Another year has passed.

I wish all well for the year to come,
May it bring all you require,
In silent moments, know yourself,
Your secrets and desires.

And in this knowledge, fully known,
A growth of sorts takes place,
And in this moment, year to pass,
Be filled with peace and grace.

Your soul knows where it’s heading,
Drives you forward still,
In every situation,
Fulfilling Divine Will,

Just let it be….


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
As per this blogs copyright statement

The Pool of Time


I dived into the pool of time,
Down and down ’til light was mine,
Swirling round as waters whirled,
History, memories, thoughts untwirled.

Up I stretched and kicking hard
Sped to surface, breaking fast,
Breathing in celestial air,
Inhaling movement,
Life found there.

Exposing self,
Finding new,
All the secrets
Hid from view.

Above the pool where time holds sway,
Is a different life, a better way,
With thoughts and being clear in view,
All that can be seen is you.

  © Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Image – thanks to morguefile.com

Time, Truth and Lies

Have you ever closed your eyes a second
Then found an hour has passed?
Or said ‘I’ll only have one”
To drink glass after glass?

The truths we often tell ourselves,
The lies that we believe,
It would be so much simpler,
So much more relief

To state just what we’re feeling,
To know where we are at,
“No, I don’t like what you show me
But I’d really like some of that!”

And yet we go on pretending
What we’re feeling doesn’t count,
Lie even to ourselves,
In small or large amount.

Guess that’s the way of being
For many of us here,
So I’ll close my eyes a second…

See you all next year!

© Copyright October 2014 Robin McShane

A Temporary Life

Time it spun away from me
Reaching out, it flew right past
Far from my range and out of grasp
A fantasy of existence passed

Interesting to see anew
A whole world in a shell
Tumbling, turning on itself
Seeing nothing outside it’s spell

Eternal lifetime spent outside
Does nothing to prepare
For once we’re drawn inside
Our souls are ravaged and stripped bare

Like children in a new world
We search for sense and meaning
The Universe, like parents
Can but watch us roil in our demeaning

Then when we step outside
Return to paths long trod
The Universe embraces us
The all-encompassing God

Experiences gathered all as one
Lifetimes put as gain
For spiritual development
Rolls on and on again

‘Time’ spent inside this capsule
Is but a blink of eye
For lifetime in Eternity
Goes far beyond you and I


© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2014
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Time Yet Sung

Riding waves of time yet sung,
Wondering where life will come
To take me up from where I am,
Another life, another song.

Lifting high where eagles fly,
Floating currents warm and cold,
Watching clouds roll swiftly by,
Closing voice to West Wind’s hold.

How did I this spot becalm
When all around bespoke their qualm
Turning, twisting, to undo
Knots around them, tight and skew?

I took a breath, held my ground,
Felt the feeling not the sound,
The inner voice, a nuance soft,
Holding safe, away, aloft

© Copyright Robin McShane

August 19 2014

As per this blogs copyright

Arising Me


Time flew by on silken wings
Through lives abandoned
Cracked gold rings

Rising through the golden morn
Slipping dark, no more
Lost, forlorn

Finding now a diff’rent way
Feeling inner voice
Rise the day!

Who am I? I might well ask
Look inside myself
A hard task

What I feel is mine to try
Thoughts becoming me
Time to fly

Life is there for all to feel
Moments there to be
Felt for real


Note: Cannot find this as a style, anyone know it?
Three line stanzas with reducing odd syllables (7,5,3)
and 1st and 3rd line rhyme

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2nd 2014

Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Time, Life, Hope

Time through brimming portals seen,
Obvious and yet,
So often placed in boxes tight,
Binding freedom to forget.

Tying places, holding scenes,
Keeping memory intact,
Yet through every moment fading,
We’re losing perceived fact.

In turbulent times, when all confused
Turn back for new direction,
How can yesterday, things meant for then,
Bring new hope and salvation?

Every moment gives new life,
Experiences to be shared,
Holding to past ways and means
Leaves nothing to be dared.

No growth, no freedom to express
The inner truth we hear,
Just other’s paths and other’s ways,
History and fear.

Move on, move up, where light awaits,
The call of spirit and soul,
Feel the life within you move,
Follow where it goes.

Life is ever moving,
Opportunities abound,
Those who live the moment
Find new portals all around.


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014