Note: Blog Awards

I have been starting to receiving blog awards, which is very thrilling but has placed me in somewhat of a dilemma. Please don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful and proud that anyone would consider my writing of a high enough quality to warrant an award, however, the ever-looming spectre of MS and the quality of life it dictates often forces me to make choices regarding where time and energy is spent (as an example, I have been in hospital all day Thursday and most of yesterda!)

I love writing and ‘playing’ with words – especially through the medium of poetry – and get such a thrill and reward with ‘likes’ and follows’. I would like to recognize and thank each of you but, again, through available energy have to limit myself to the ‘follows’ even though I often visit and read the ‘likes’!

I have, therefore, come to the decision to make The Wayward Warrior an ‘Award Free’ Blog.

I am truly humbled by the awards but, respectfully, request understanding why I am unable to partake in the process!

I must thank my latest nomination from Aquileana at: La Audacia de Aquiles

Such an interesting blog and content. I would encourage you all to check it out!

I am highly appreciative of her acknowledgement of mine! Thank you Aquileana.

And Thank you to all of you who continue to come and share in my little piece of blogo-sphere cyber-space and enjoy what you find and for being there for me to share and enjoy yours!

To our continued connections and sharing….


Note: Latest Poetry Collection

A huge ‘thank you’ for all the likes, comments and follows received recently. Really makes my heart sing and keeps me motivated and centered.
JoHanna even included me on her “Roaming Around” page (so chuffed – thank you JoHanna!) where she explores various blogs around – well worth a visit!

This was also a gentle push for me to put up my latest publication – ‘Run Me Gently’ (just released here in South Africa and in print worldwide here) – to my Poetry Collections page. I will be putting it into e-book formats shortly and will then update and add the links.

Thanks for all the wonderful support – it’s a great family here on WordPress and am enjoying myself so much!
Have a magical Sunday – wherever you are…:)

Note – First posts already??

On reading Neha’s post (forgottenmeadows) regarding her blogging anniversary, it prompted me to check when I first posted.

Lo and behold, it was one year ago today! January 31st 2014…..Where has the time gone?

A huge THANK YOU to all who read, like, comment and follow. I do hope we continue sharing this path together, it really is a great trip – so enjoyable to read so many great writers and learn so much from both the writing and the content available. You all have my respect, admiration and thanks.

Credit also to The Pretoria Writers Group, who put loads of pressure on me to start blogging (whilst I was still a member) and to Micelle for the support and encouragement – thank you all!

Out of interest, I have dug up the first posts – yes I made two, only thinking of the second after posting the first, which led to the very first lesson: don’t post until you’ve read, edited, thought about it, edited again and again and are 100% happy! (I didn’t know about the edit and update buttons back then!) 🙂

So, here they are:

JAN 31 2014 – First Reflection

If procrastination has the power to put all our dreams to sleep….
Then fear must be the faithful follower that keeps them there…

JAN 31 2014 – Reflections on Reflections

And procrastination and fear now lose their power and my dreams leave the folds of sleep, wipe off the eyes of slumber and see a new world waiting!

Time to move!

And so I did and do!

With all your help and input, I hope to continue…

Note – Thank You

With 25 minutes to go until midnight on this time zone- THANK YOU to you – each and everyone who has shared this journey with me this year – commenting, liking, reading, following. Your time and consideration (and input) is so appreciated. It is an indescribable feeling to know that what I write here touches so many – each in their own way – and returns to me in turn. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish each of you, and your loved ones, an awesome 2015. May it be our best year yet!…. 🙂