Friday’s English Haiku – #33


Countless suns appear

Huddled in the Universe

Light years far apart



Africa – Winters Running Dry


Summer rain skips along,
Vibrant leaf to leaf,
Plays ping pong on the tiles,
Finds pathways of relief.

Soaking earth, feeding life,
Abundant verdant rules,
Creatures great and small,
Splashing in the pools.

Would it were still so,
As autumn pulls the moat,
Swallowing last droplets,
Echoing down it’s throat.

Leaving land now dry,
Verdant life no more,
Brown becomes the colour,
As pastures die to spore.

Winter here in Africa,
A dry, dry place to be,
Blue skies from horizons far
To horizons eyes can’t see.

No clouds now in sight,
Skies, they stand alone,
Life, it begs for moisture past,
Moisture long since gone.

A cycle growing shorter,
Dry summers becoming norm,
Green tubs lie all over,
Waiting for a storm,

Now collecting air,
Pouring from dead gutters,
As pumps lie still and quiet,
Not even drawing sputter.

Rationing the rational,
Choice of last resort,
Rivers running dry,
Life moves out, deserts.

Wonder not the future
For it has now arrived,
Sun burning brighter,
Water running dry.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright
© Photo Copyright Micelle Coetsee

Never The Same

It came
A small part of me
Creeping towards its goal
Struggling to be seen
To be felt
To make a difference

Yet when it stood
Light flew in all directions
Dispersing all shadows
Darkness ceased to exist

For a moment in time
There was only light
Flowing without ceasing

As its cycle closed
It faded
Back to a new me
I breathed

Inhaling light
Exhaling love
My world will never be the same
Nor I in it


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright

Love Abounds

Writing poetry can be a healing art
So, all my hurts be said,
‘Tis time to write, begin anew,
Start a brighter thread.

Sun is shining, nature thrives,
Cycles roll their rounds.
Winter’s cold brings sharper days,
Love around me abounds.


A Sun

A sun shines with surreal serrations,
‘Til night pulls its shades,
Sucks life, stills movement,
Slides sleep soundlessly
Into mindless minds.
Souls slip their sheets,
flying free,
Wondering where the wheels of light spin,
Following fallow flights and flecks,
Waiting to be woken
By a sun’s sharp edges,
Blinding in its brightness,
Burning in it’s bowl
Until fully burnished, blows itself out.

Another Day In Africa – (NaPoWriMo Day 25)

Lovers, painters, all serene
Come rolling down the hill
Towards the spot that never stops
But, moving, holds you still

Time stands peaceful, watching
People all at play
Wondering why it seems to still
And quiet on this day

Yet life is spinning all around
An endless throw of dice
Between the spaces, breathing hard
Come dancers waving twice

And feeling glowing all around
The heart it hardens fast
Lovingly gives up its soul
Fleeing from the past

Another day in Africa
Blue sky and golden sun
And space, enough for everyone
Life can be so much fun!


Nights shady, shades of night,
Darkly lit, shining bright,
Moon of shadows, sun of light,
Opposites attract so tight.

Sweeping angry, moving fast,
Slowly dragging, forgiving past,
Wonder not what does it mean,
Follow still the way unseen.

Plus and minus mean no more
Than all that you between them store,
Accept your new day, clearly lit,
Turn down the dark path, bit by bit.

Incised Moon – NaPoWriMo Day 19

Incised moon bleeds across the sky,
Drifts to the shining horizon
As if the sun waits to heal the wound,
Replace the bite.
Unequal and bittersweet,
This is an endless chase.