Colours of You – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 20 (to prompt)

If some roses are red and some violets blue,
How do I know the colour of you?
I know you like savoury, I know you love food,
I think you like chocolate, though that’s maybe not good.

I know you prefer to do things yourself,
And you say you have loads of things back on your ‘shelf’.
You really don’t care what people may think,
And your least favourite place is – the kitchen sink

You live to the rhythm of your own special dance,
You’ll listen to some and give them a chance,
But others you meet, types you’ve seen before,
You simply shrug off and show them the door.

You live with a purpose, to teach and to show,
But only to those who will listen, you know,
Each moment awake, you live to the full,
Yes, even in darkness, you don’t find it dull.

So, what colour you are, I could never define,
You’re all ever-changing, not one to confine,
A challenge to live with, a pleasure too rare,
Wait, I do know your colour, you’re a treasure to share.


The prompt today is ” to write a poem that states the things you know.”
Although my history has taught me that we never really know another person,
there are some things we think we know in the now…! Enjoy!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s statement
Thank you

Ode to Treasure – Poetry 201 – Day 8

Sliding smoothly open,
Exposing spoils and pieces
Of so many years,
Resting in repose,
Rarely moved, just
Glanced over in the search for
A specific item nurtured in your nest.

Ah! How do I misuse you,
Abuse you,
Expect you to be there,
Forever working,
Forever available,
Giving access, open, bare.

Inside I find the precious ring,
Hidden, stuck behind a ‘thing’
(I wonder what that is?).
The bluest cloth unwraps,
Revealing this specialty.
Memories flood back,
Threatening to engulf the moment,
Past colouring present,
Folding then into now.
Smiling, I raise you to the sun,
There glints the precious heart,
Furious red buried in your turquoise hardened shell,
Clinched with golden clasp,
Blind ring below to complete the show,
Oh! How I wish it was still so,
The feelings that you bring,
Yet we all have moved
Onto better things…
Well different, at least!

A tear falls,
I drop you back
To the folded cloth of the past,
Bury you where no-one but me knows,
Within the nest of my favourite drawer,
Protected and safe,
Covered by that thing
(really, what is it?).

Shutting out the light,
I close the drawer,
Tenderly stroke the front,
Gingerly run a finger along
The gilt of a handle,
Though mostly taken for granted,
You still protect my treasures,
My tidbits and my baubles,
Never pausing to judge,
Always waiting to receive,
And to serve.

A treasure hiding treasure.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Day 8’s design:
Prompt: Drawer
Form: Ode
Device: Apostrophe

Today, we talk to something (apostrophe) in a drawer, either describing it, celebrating it or exploring our relation to it (Ode). I’ve kind of done a double to both the drawer itself AND something within it – hope it works?
All comments and criticisms welcome!

Note – Thank You

With 25 minutes to go until midnight on this time zone- THANK YOU to you – each and everyone who has shared this journey with me this year – commenting, liking, reading, following. Your time and consideration (and input) is so appreciated. It is an indescribable feeling to know that what I write here touches so many – each in their own way – and returns to me in turn. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish each of you, and your loved ones, an awesome 2015. May it be our best year yet!…. 🙂


Thanks to each and every one following and liking my poetry. Cannot tell you how much it means – not writing to a void but knowing there are real people reading,  relating and sharing ourselves. Makes everything so special!
Must apologise if I am unable to respond for a few days… Am in hospital for a course of treatment for the MS. Nothing serious and have had this many times over the years but it can make me a bit ‘loopy’ (I know, that doesn’t take much!  🙂  – and tired.
Plus I am using my phone which has some restrictions!
Again, it’s great to meet you all and share – please forgive if I am off grid for a few days! Will try and keep contact and I will be back. 🙂 🙂
Love and thoughts to all – each and every one.

Cases On The Beach – (NaPoWriMo Day 27)

Cases on the beach? I ask,
Where will you sleep tonight?

When the sun goes down, I’ll rest my head,
And there will be my bed,
The soft, white sand my mattress, the stars my silken sheet,
The soft moon’s glow, with soothing beams
Will ease my aching feet.

As the wind begins to whisper and the waves come rolling in,
The music of the Universe will free my soul to sing.
Far and wide I’ll travel before the break of day,
To special places close at hand and others far away.
And, when my work is done in this life we cannot see,
I’ll return to where I left last night to fulfill my destiny,
Pick up my rod and staff and the things I’ve brought along,
And carry on my journey until this day is done,
Taking all life has to offer and giving in return
All I have to offer to complete the sacred turn.

With these words said, he bade me well,
Turned to walk away,
I wished him well, sent him love,
There was nothing I could say,
But I watched him as he walked, steadfastly, on his way,
And often, now, I think of him and all he had to say.
He could not give me answers to the questions that I had,
Yet he gave me all there was to give, all there was to have.
He gave me of his purpose, in the cycle of his time,
And I, in turn, more quietly, gave to him of mine.

So our meeting ended, as all things come to pass,
I presumed, naively, that we had seen our last,
Then I saw him just the other day,
On a different stretch of beach,
He didn’t carry cases, nor did he stay to teach,
He simply raised his hand in greeting,
Smiled a tender smile,
Floated from the soft, white sand,
Hovered singing for a while,
When a blinding beam of light
Encased his shining soul
And he departed from this world of goods
To where – I do not know,
But I know that I shall follow,
One day, as is my turn,
When I have given all that I can give
And taken in return.

© Copyright Robin McShane

I’m Listening

I shared my thoughts,
Somewhat disguised,
In verse or rhymes
Or words surprised.

Dilemmas face us everyday,
Choices what to do or say,
Share yours with me,
I listen well,
And maybe, as we will not dwell,
Our problems wrenching heart and soul
Will simply, quietly, up and go.

Would it were so easy!

My ears now open, mind awake
I quietly on your hearts await…

A Day For You

It has been a stunning day,
Of thoughts, experiences shared,
Life well-lived in moments deep,
How we as people cared.

Perceptions seen, no judgement made,
Accepting each his own,
Awareness of just where we fit,
To be happy or bemoan.

Days of moments, seconds long,
Or minutes in the making,
Looking back, exploring sure
Our contribution and our taking.

How good it is to have lived this day
To have shared the waking time
Alone, together, it matters not
In the presence of the Divine.

As life is lived true to itself
And energy runs through,
It simply is and what it is
Is important just for you.

© Copyright Robin McShane, February 2014. All rights reserved