The Sandbox Of Belief


In the sandbox of life,
Like children we play,
Who wins and who loses?
Who climbs and who’s flayed?

I’ll climb to the top,
It’s all mine to keep,
Each grain, every piece,
I’ll hold ’til I weep.

I’ll use what I will,
Build a castle I must,
Become King of it all,
Never fall to the dust,

It’s mine, it’s all mine,
All mine ’til I die,
Then I’ll take it all with me,
To my place in the sky,
Where sandboxes are big,
And the children all small,
Where I’ll rule forever,
O’er the short and the tall,
And the hand from above,
As it reaches for me,
I’ll swat like a fly,
‘Coz I’m King … and I’m free!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


A Moment in Time – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 29

Lunar sunshine glows across a hapless horizon
Silver threads hold to the tapestry below
Weaving patterns of eternal bliss
As you sit observing
Silent in your perfection
Absorbed in your reflection
Aware of your imperfection
Self shining through


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
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The Pool of Time


I dived into the pool of time,
Down and down ’til light was mine,
Swirling round as waters whirled,
History, memories, thoughts untwirled.

Up I stretched and kicking hard
Sped to surface, breaking fast,
Breathing in celestial air,
Inhaling movement,
Life found there.

Exposing self,
Finding new,
All the secrets
Hid from view.

Above the pool where time holds sway,
Is a different life, a better way,
With thoughts and being clear in view,
All that can be seen is you.

  © Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

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The Communal Pool

Where do you go
When your heart needs to work?
What do you do
With loves residue?

Think on it hard,
Feel on it fast,
For opportunities coming
May not last and last.

Take to the fields,
Run to the land,
Go where the poor,
Need a helping hand.

Give where you feel
Your heart can do best,
Be it your time or your money,
Your shirt or your vest.

Be sure helping others
Is not running away
From your earthly lessons
As you move through each day.

For in giving we join
With the communal pool,
So what we put in, comes back,
As a rule.

Upstanding, upright,
Base and adverse,
All mixes together
For better or worse.

So the pool we end up with
Belongs to us all,
As each of us built it
The great and the small.

Each thought passing through,
Every action we take,
Ripples onward and outward,
Joins the pool in its wake.

Awareness of self,
Thoughts, actions and deeds,
Displays who we are,
Our wants and our needs.

And added together
Creates all that we are,
Around us and in us,
Our world and our star

© Copyright September 2014 Robin McShane

All Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

In Tribute To Nelson Mandela

On the eve of the 5th South African elections since 1994, I offer the poem I wrote on the day we
were told Nelson Mandela was pronounced dead. May our new leaders, whoever they may be, heed the song…

On a day when the world cries, the heavens sing,
On this day when we feel the loss, the heavens praise their gain,
On the day Madiba breathed his last, his soul sings in the freedom of the heavens,
And his song echoes on and on.

Through the halls of time his presence has shone and his words rang,
In the hearts of man their meanings sank in and resonated,
All were changed by his being, all are changed by his touch,
From rural to great he remained a servant to the greater good, a carrier of light.

His time has come, shedding the soul’s shell he steps forward and onward,
Forever a leader, forever a light, forever a beacon to guide those who wish to be guided,

And those who stay behind can choose,
Follow where the great man led,
Practice his ways of being,
Light our world with love and compassion,
Be guided by his light,

Or take your road of selfish gathering and reap what you now sow.
The circle of life is forever flowing.
What we each put in comes around again to serve us.
Put in light and love, place others needs before your own and this comes back to you a thousand fold,
But put yourself above all others and all that returns to you is you…..alone….
Wondering why and crying in the darkness and the night – Why have you been forsaken?

Is this not just the circle?
As you forsake others, so you, yourself, are forsaken?
Surround yourself with just you and that is all there is…just you…for eternity.
Share your energy and light and love and you become a part of it all, joining the energy of all that is…for eternity.

Take the example the great man has given us, heed his life and being,
Follow his way, in your way,
Put more in than you take,
Give more than you need,
Place the needs of others before your own,
Join Madiba’s song,
Live his legacy,
Grow his vision,
Add value to those around you that their life becomes richer in ways that cannot be measured
But can be counted upon and can mean more than can be counted,
Rise up sons and daughters of Africa,
Ride the tide of people centered living and build the nation Madiba saw,
The Rainbow Nation of life, love, understanding, giving and sharing,
Be greater than you are or think you can be,
And so it will be.

What greater tribute could we offer…

© Copyright 2014 Robin McShane

In The Bookshop

Here I sit, in the world of books,
Surrounded by the torrents of ideas,
Warbling as words in a sea of colour, styles, fonts and headers,
Dizzying in their intensity,
Vying for attention and smothering the voice inside,
My voice,
My need to give of myself into a world dominated with self,
Idealised beyond the mere expression of self,
Glamourised into an industry where contribution from self
Is valued according to the perception of other people’s wish to buy it.

Come, join me.
Sit beside me.
Feel with me as the person I have made
Slides from my being and leaves my soul bare.

Bare to feel,
To give,
To learn,
To respond,
Direct from itself,
To itself.
Direct from me to you.
Soul to soul.
Being to being.
God to God.
All as I write these words,
These stylized marks that represent my ideas,
That express my feelings,
That convey my perception as I see it and, hopefully, passes on the same.

But you will see it as you see it.
Maybe it is different,
Maybe similar.
But never the same.
As should be…for life moves
And we are all different.

You stand,
I stand,
We move on…
To the next sharing…
To the next scene
In the never ending play that we live…

© Copyright Rob McShane – February 2014