Finding My Way

Finding My Way - July 18 2016


I found myself in times gone by,
Sinking low then rising high,
Riding waves, some low, some steep,
Floating tides, experiences deep,
Taken to the fullest seen,
My life’s perspective, clear and clean,
Then clouded by bright thoughts around,
Of others perceptions, circling sounds,
Losing grip on my own path,
Led astray by thoughts and tasks,
Other people’s sense, idea,
Of my perception, why I’m here.

Taking breath and holding course,
Now finding my way back to source.




Every Word Counts

Every word counts
Every thought a meaning
Every action tells
The story of your life
Of your way
Of your being
How it comes into this place
Expresses itself
Gives of itself
And changes everything in and around you
For the better or the worse

You know
You count
You live with the changes
And the reactions
And the way

You are already a part of that which you seek
You are a part of you made whole and manifest
That looks for answers unto itself

There is no better place than that where you already are
There is no better way than the path you are already walking

You know this
Deep within you, you already know this

© Copyright Rob McShane – July 2013