Souls in Sand



Temporary soles in sand,
Shifting, moving precious land,
Pressing grains into formation
Forcing their own representation

Until the next blast
Or wind
Or step

Then all will change
Moving on
Prints becoming
Naught but one

A memory of gathered soles
Picture perfect

All made whole

Different in form
Yet the same in format
In principle
In structure
At heart
At soul

The sole’s soul
Or the soul’s sole?

Temporarily created
By pathways routed
On a shifting base

Each grain whole

Yet, together a pattern
A form in being
For as long as it lasts.

Life in an hourglass
With no glass
No hour
No boundaries
But those which exist
In the moment
For the moment
A perfect unison

What a joy!


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

All rights reserved