Note on the latest ‘Wayward Rambling’

Thanks to Cynthia for letting me know the links weren’t working for the latest Wayward Rambling page! Apologies folks! As I said to Cynthia, think I am rapidly becoming ‘technologically challenged’ as everything advancing so fast (thought it was supposed to become easier?!!) – maybe my brain! 🙂
Anyway, hopefully all up and running now…

I have another page on the Death issue to put up in a couple of days, so hope I’ve got it right! 🙂

Please let me know if not – all seemed to work from this side! Mmmm!


Fractured Soul Becoming Whole

When souls are fractured
Torn apart
What happens to the human heart?

When heaven splits it
From itself
What choices left to heal and health?

So isolated
Far from source,
What is left as a soul’s recourse?

To bide its time
Await the day
For life to show a brand new way

And gradually
Be withdrawn
As halves repairing what was torn

Step out into a bright new day
As one again
Rebirth attained

Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane