Rain, Life

Rain came
Carried me away in buckets of fire, snow and ice
Labelled me victorious
Slushed me with more
Washed me with less
Hid parts of me
Exposed others
Took the wind from my lungs
And lashed the coast of my being
In hurricane like breezes
Made from my own breath
Howling from within
Demanding change
A difference
Anything but this

Yet this is the reason I am here
And the solace my soul seeks

To deny it
Denies life

Life will not be denied


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement


A Love Too Deep To Hide

In a city that never stops,
A place that never gives,
A hope that never dies,
A love that never lives.

A city full of dreams,
A place with torments brief,
A hope that’s never seen,
A love that runs too deep.

A reason to go on living,
A place to run and hide,
A hope to trust and cherish,
A love too deep to hide.

© Robin McShane – 17 October 1990
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

My Universal Prayer

In solitude and peace I lay,
With silence and with faith I pray,
To ask for Universal Truth,
Of inner knowing, beyond proof.

Love of soul, love of life,
Care for all, release the strife,
Be my guidance, be my heart,
Remind my purpose at each day start.

Help me to be more aware
Of choices, all potential there,
In every moment that I live,
Guide me of my soul to give.

Answer insight, love divine,
Give to life the strength that’s mine,
See beyond mind’s endless sweep,
Feel beneath for reasons deep.

Call to spirit, call to soul,
Call to life’s blood, call to know,
Far beyond the Earth’s confine,
Being’s heart and soul define.

Savour inner beauty deep,
Sense surrender as to sleep,
Share my soul, the greater part,
Sure of other half and heart.

Feel the beauty, feel the pain,
Live to never be the same again,
Direct with purpose to fulfill
The reason of my inner will.

My Prayer For You

May this day touch and move your soul,
Reminding of the way to go,
Feeling forward, touching past,
Living moments to their last.

Gaining strength, gathering will,
In full knowledge evading ill,
Purpose sent, reason bound,
By days end your secret found.

Living through your choices made,
May Divine love now never fade,
But stronger, deeper, nearer grow,
Towards your inner purpose, know.

Purpose – NaPoWriMo Day 13

Life on Earth is taking strain,
As we know it.

Finding a purpose for going on, for growing,
For being here,
It’s getting hard.

Yet purpose there must be,
Otherwise why be here?

Is the very act of being
The purpose?

Every situation touching us,
Variable in depth,
Constant in purpose.

Each person changing us,
In a small or big way,
Changed we are.

And life will never be the same again.

My Dilemma

Poetry, the speech of Kings,
Royalty of words,
Rhyming Couplets, Haiku stand
Reversed in sonnets,
Lyrics true,
Blank or free,
Which speak to you?

Therein lies my dilemma
To speak it plain in prose or verse
To write it short or narrate it long
To pour my heart with songs unsung
Let music flow as fingers drum
Rejoin the world of business folks
Live life as they see fit
With rules so fixed
To break or hide
To straddle the great divide
Or care for bodies needing touch
And souls and minds requiring much

My heart’s afire,
My torment,
How do I express
My firmament?

© Copyright Rob McShane
March 2014

Purpose? Reason?

Life followed me.
Wherever I went, it followed me.
Damned annoying at times.
I just wanted to escape it…and it followed.
Darkest despair; fun and games;
Pain and hurt; love and light;
Brighter times; nursery rhymes.
All of life, all the time, there,
Waiting for me to grab it,
Absorb the fullness,
Enjoy the offering,
Experience it completely.
All my choice, all the time.

With people all around,
Loving, supporting,
Hating, destroying.
All having their say
As they see it.
But they don’t know,
How can they?
It is mine,
Between me and God.
As I cannot know theirs,
They cannot know mine,
My purpose,
My reason,
Only God and my soul know.
So I leave it there
And listen to the guidance
From the voice inside,
The soft, quiet, gentle voice
Of wisdom and knowledge.
The fountain of the stream of our purpose,
Leading us to the river of why we are here,
And the sea of where we will be.

© Copyright Rob McShane – February 2014. All Rights reserved