Life Returning (First Summer Storm)


Life Returns (First Summer Storm) - Sept 30 2017-morguefile-file000312041166-cropped

The first summer storm rips overhead,
Cannon clouds clap,
Light sizzles a momentary vacuum,
Ground shudders,
Bricks rattle,
Cement cracks,
Air roars as energy abounds,
Loosely thrown around.
In the pause,
Silence gives birth to confetti rain,
Soaking soil revelling in running tides and streams,
Blasting the droughted desert beneath our feet.
Life returns.


© 2017 Robin McShane

Africa – Winters Running Dry


Summer rain skips along,
Vibrant leaf to leaf,
Plays ping pong on the tiles,
Finds pathways of relief.

Soaking earth, feeding life,
Abundant verdant rules,
Creatures great and small,
Splashing in the pools.

Would it were still so,
As autumn pulls the moat,
Swallowing last droplets,
Echoing down it’s throat.

Leaving land now dry,
Verdant life no more,
Brown becomes the colour,
As pastures die to spore.

Winter here in Africa,
A dry, dry place to be,
Blue skies from horizons far
To horizons eyes can’t see.

No clouds now in sight,
Skies, they stand alone,
Life, it begs for moisture past,
Moisture long since gone.

A cycle growing shorter,
Dry summers becoming norm,
Green tubs lie all over,
Waiting for a storm,

Now collecting air,
Pouring from dead gutters,
As pumps lie still and quiet,
Not even drawing sputter.

Rationing the rational,
Choice of last resort,
Rivers running dry,
Life moves out, deserts.

Wonder not the future
For it has now arrived,
Sun burning brighter,
Water running dry.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright
© Photo Copyright Micelle Coetsee

Drops From A Web

Drops from a spiders web - may 15 2015 - morguefile

In fine lines, rain rolls along filigree filaments,
Collecting at strand’s lowest dip,
Pouring into drops,
Edging to their final fall,
Slipping from their sleeve,
Dragging tendrils behind,
As gravity pulls the load,
Cohesion, bringing up the rear,
Tears the last liquid from the webs’s grip,
Plunging the whole
Until the earth absorbs
Drops dissolve,
Beings for fleeting moments
That never were…


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
Thank you

Rain, Life

Rain came
Carried me away in buckets of fire, snow and ice
Labelled me victorious
Slushed me with more
Washed me with less
Hid parts of me
Exposed others
Took the wind from my lungs
And lashed the coast of my being
In hurricane like breezes
Made from my own breath
Howling from within
Demanding change
A difference
Anything but this

Yet this is the reason I am here
And the solace my soul seeks

To deny it
Denies life

Life will not be denied


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Plains of Africa

Summer rains have fallen,
The deluge just begun,
The brown of winter lifting,
Green leaves sprout for sun.

Landscapes change, as every year,
Desolation falling fast,
As nature begins painting,
The canvass endless, vast.

Land stretching to infinity,
Rolling from the eye,
Touching  heart and soul,
Reaching for the sky.

Dead brown plains of Africa,
Bursting with new life,
Show naturally how dreams evolve,
Sweetness, brightness, light.

The Rain Becomes You – NaPoWriMo Day 8

The rain becomes you
As it wraps its tendrils over you
Running down in rivulets
Like veins across a dark felt
Yet glistening with an inner glow
As if alive
As if, in its very movement
It offers something beyond itself
Something more to see and be felt