Friday’s English Haiku – #25


Trees to hug and hold
Life’s spawn spread to fallow ground
Waiting just to be


© 2017 Robin McShane


Friday’s English Haiku – #18


Bright wild flames of time
Wondering where breathing starts
Floating brighter days


The Bounty Call

They came to me these fiery things,
All ablaze with flaming wings,
Teaching me a way to be,
Burning truths inside of me.

Followed by a mellow lot,
Sharing moment, slow to plot,
Showing me a different way
To spend my time, fill my day.

Slow and steady, quick with speed,
Many ways to fulfill the need,
Of lifetimes wonder, purpose here,
Reason for each moment’s gear.

All our paths, oft strewn with thorns,
Can still begin with bounteous morns,
Potential lies in every beat,
Opportunities with life to meet.

Choices open how to step,
Where thinking, passion can be met,
Choosing where our feet then fall,
We reap, enjoy the bounty call.


© Robin McShane – June 2014

All rights reserved