Notes: Release Of “Poles Apart”

I am pleased to release my 4th Chapbook – “POLES APART”.
here are some old (date wise!) and some new, some light and some blue.
As we can see from the photo of the book, a photographer I am not! 🙂 Think I should stick to words but I said I would get it out this week and, for some, Sunday is the end of the week so I’ll consider that I just made it! (for those of you for whom Sunday is the beginning of the week – my apologies!)

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer discount vouchers which I was hoping to organize for you all, so have had to go with a general discount I’m afraid – once I’ve sorted out the IRS number I need to prevent the withholding tax, I can reassess the situation.

So, for now, I present to you all (roll of drums…….)………………………… POLES APART!

Have fun…..

final cover (2) 15.30x21.50              

click the blue bit forThe Print Copy

and click this blue bit for: The eBook

   And enjoy!!!

Note: *** Special Price Extended ***

I am so pleased to announce that, due to Popular Demand – and a Big THANK YOU  here to all who have purchased to date! 🙂 – I am extending


*** Special Release Price ***

for the Paperback Print Copies of

‘Poems About … (Vol II) Life Love Destiny’

until 22h00 SA time Saturday July 18th 2015

So, if you still have to get your copy, click on the link above – or here – and go grab yourself one before the price shoots up!

NOTE: ** SPECIAL OFFER ** Latest eBook Release


Don’t you just love Saturdays?! 🙂  —- TWO pieces of GOOD NEWS! – 🙂

If you look to your right (on the screen!! 🙂 ) or to the bottom if you’re on a mobile, you will see ** Latest eBook Release ** – the eBook ‘Poems About…Life Love Destiny’ – I’m still awaiting the proofs for the printed books (thanks to the SA postal service!) so decided to go ahead and release the ebook first!

For the first TWO weeks – ** SPECIAL RELEASE PRICE ** – (YAY!) 🙂 —- At Least 25% 0ff! —-

this will vary according to where you are in the world and which distributor you purchase from and it may take a couple of weeks to wash through to some distributors so best to BUY NOW from lulu – just click on the book cover on your right – or itunes (see below!).

In this next volume of the ‘Poems About …” series, Rob explores Life, Love and Destiny in his continued search for purpose. As ever, his poems will draw you back again and again to spaces of peace and hope with opportunities for new insights and meanings at each visit. (22 poems)

For those technically interested – it took me longer than I thought to release this as epub doesn’t accept Roman Numerals (who’d have thought?). So it would not allow me to put  ‘II’ in for 2! I didn’t like ‘Vol 2’ – just didn’t do it for me! –  sooo, had to play a little and drop the (Vol II) in all the metadata – ai! Anyway, here it is with all tests duly passed! 🙂

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Both my latest chapbooks – ‘Run Me Gently’ and ‘Poems About…Life Love Destiny’  (at the SPECIAL PRICE!) are now available on itunes – as is ‘Poetry About…(Vol I)’ and two of my longer short stories – ‘Above The Storm’ (a thriller) and ‘No. 322’ (a psychological thriller). Each poetry chapbook contains at least 20 poems

Yes, all shameless, unabashed, self-promotion, I’m afraid – but what can you do? I just have to tell someone! 🙂

Wishing you all an awesome Saturday – and some great reading -whoever and whatever you are reading!
Thanks for ‘being there’.

Note: Poems About … (Vol II) released in South Africa

I am still awaiting the proofs to release my third poetry chapbook – Poems About … (Vol II) – internationally (the SA postal service being notoriously unreliable!).

However, I have books here in South Africa, but it is really expensive and unreliable for me to post from here internationally. I am willing to do it but would rather that my friends around the world wait until I can release from lulu – much safer and cheaper for you!

For my SA followers however, if you would like a copy of ‘Poems About … (Vol II)’ please drop your email address in the comments to this note and I will forward you all the details!

For my international friends and followers, I will let you know as soon as I have proofed the copies from If you really can’t wait (ha ha!!), drop me your email in a comment and I will find out the p&p to your country from here.

eBook and advert cover

“In this next volume of the ‘Poems About …” series, Rob explores Life, Love and Destiny in his continued search for purpose.
As ever, his poems will draw you back again and again to spaces of peace and hope with opportunities for new insights and meanings at each visit.”

Wishing you all an awesome day!

Note – News!

First Piece:
Yes! I finally managed to load ‘Run Me Gently’ as an eBook! (see pic on the right)
I ‘overthunk’ the formatting and twisted myself up in knots. So, deciding to just start again, I copied the book back into notepad (to clear all formatting), put it back into a new word doc – read the instructions from lulu (isn’t it amazing how that always helps? 🙂 – and, hey presto! – it worked!:)

I use for both print and eBook versions now as they will pay to paypal. Amazon will only pay me (in South Africa) by cheque, which: a) probably isn’t going to reach me (postal service very unreliable); and b) if it does, the banks charge a fortune to cash or deposit! In the end, it’s just not viable.
I have used previously for my eBooks but wanted to keep it all in one place from now on (smashwords does not do print).

So, you can all click on the pic on the right, rush across to lulu and buy the eBook (sure!! – ah, well, I can try!! ha ha!). It’s in epub format for which there are loads of free programs available if you don’t have an epub reader (Nook, etc.) and there is a conversion program to the Mobi format for kindle if you just have to convert it! (
I’ve been downloading all my books to my tablet using an epub reader as well as the kindle reader program for android – works really well and gives me a huge choice of books and reading! YAY!

Whoops, almost forgot:
The Second Piece (of news!)
My third poetry chapbook – ‘Poems About…(Vol II)’ – will be released in a few weeks!
The SA proofs are with me and ready – I’m just waiting for the overseas proofs and then, if everything is okay, we’re A for AWAY! YAY! 🙂
Here’s the cover pic and I will let you all know when the release date will be.

eBook and advert cover

Thank you all for the likes, comments and follows – am so excited that over 300 folks enjoy my writing enough to follow me – I am amazed! Honoured to share this journey we’re all on with you all!

Long may it continue!

Love ya all! 🙂