Olive Tree


Olive tree come stand by me
So I may share your peace,
Lean against your trunk,
Hide beneath your shade,
And can I take a piece of you
To keep for memories?
Maybe a leaf, or two, a twig,
Perhaps a branch?
To guide me in your wisdom and your power,
And stay with me forever and a day?

Your top leaf green tells me my life is good,
The silver underside that I am rich,
For all you have to offer
Is more beyond compare
Than any mortal pleasure
That I may find down here.


The olive branch was often a symbol of abundance and peace.
The leafy branches of the olive tree were ritually offered to deities and
powerful figures as emblems of benediction and purification, and they
were used to crown the victors of friendly games and bloody wars.
Today, olive oil is still used in many religious ceremonies. Over the years,
the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, power and purity.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

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Attribution: Channel R at the English language Wikipedia

Peace In The World

Peace In This World

There is a peace
To this world
Yes, there is

There is a peace
To be found
If we let go

There is a peace
Through release
From the mind

A place
Where the heart
Wants to go

Where it sings
Through the being
Of itself

And whispers
Through the winds
Of its song

And breathes
With the light
Of its kind

There is a peace
To this world
That, I know


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
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New Years Eve – 2014

The year draws to a close,
Days, they fuzz so fast,
A misty veil ‘tween then and now,
A future from the past.

So here’s to all the year has brought,
Thoughts, experiences, life,
Maybe, in the year to come,
A little less of strife?

Time in measurement,
Oh, so strange,
A moment, here, to pass,
And passing so, in blink of eye,
Another year has passed.

I wish all well for the year to come,
May it bring all you require,
In silent moments, know yourself,
Your secrets and desires.

And in this knowledge, fully known,
A growth of sorts takes place,
And in this moment, year to pass,
Be filled with peace and grace.

Your soul knows where it’s heading,
Drives you forward still,
In every situation,
Fulfilling Divine Will,

Just let it be….


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
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Time Yet Sung

Riding waves of time yet sung,
Wondering where life will come
To take me up from where I am,
Another life, another song.

Lifting high where eagles fly,
Floating currents warm and cold,
Watching clouds roll swiftly by,
Closing voice to West Wind’s hold.

How did I this spot becalm
When all around bespoke their qualm
Turning, twisting, to undo
Knots around them, tight and skew?

I took a breath, held my ground,
Felt the feeling not the sound,
The inner voice, a nuance soft,
Holding safe, away, aloft

© Copyright Robin McShane

August 19 2014

As per this blogs copyright

Sleep Well My Sweets

Sleep well my sweets…
I’ll travel with…
To all the peace there is…

Time slips through our being
Soul is free to fly
Spirit deep within us
Gently soars the sky

Move into your being
And there, you will find me

Goodnight sweetheart…
I’ll hold you close…

So fall into my arms
Feel the strength surround us both
From high ethereal charms
Know we’re loved beyond our ken
Held in high esteem
For roads we’ve traveled
Paths we’ve walked
Will bring us home again…

© Robin McShane – June 2013
All rights reserved

Music – NaPoWriMo Day 14

Exploding over me,
Pounding through my body,
Cell upon cell reacting,
Responding, vibrating, falling,
Only to rise with the next wave,
All emotions rapidly firing,
A limbic weapon on automatic,
Brain feeling overwhelmed,
Rocking with the pace and the rhythm,
I removed my fingers from the keys,
My feet from the pedals.

The silence was extreme, profound,
And peace reigned where there had been only sound.
Beethoven would have been proud!
I slumped then stood and bowed to the crowd,
The cat stretched and meowed,
The dog lifted her head, ears flopping,
I walked away, off to do shopping.