A Moment

A Moment - April 16 2018 - dust in sunlight

Turning my head away,
I died.
Knowing you were watching
Suppressed belief,
Withered superstition,
Suppressed breath,
Synchronized me with all that is,
Until your eyes fell away,
And I continued my journey,
Seeking, searching,
Nearing the end,
Always nearing the end,
As moments slip away,
Leaving me stranded in the now,
Reality crumbles.


© 2018 Robin McShane


A Journey

A Journey - oct 29 2017-A Starburst Galaxt - hubble


I emerge from this fog laden mist
Like a diver resurrecting his right to breathe,
To think,
In an atmosphere
Where clarity prevails.

Where have I been?
Why have I suppressed myself for so long?

Foglamps flared along the path,
I saw them not,
Ignoring the light,
Adamantly following my own trail
As if I knew the purpose for my journey.

Trampling on moments,
I gazed to a future,
To my next destination,
The goal I set myself
And, feeling no fulfilment there,
I simply set the next…in stone,
Until it too crumbled under the weight of my expectations.

Did I look up?
Did I breathe the space
Allowing awareness of what was
To fill my soul,
To complete me?

Silence became something to evade,
Time, an enemy,
As I rushed through in
My ruthless determination to get to
Where I knew I was going.

Until the clock stopped
And I could make no more goals to chase.
Body and mind left me,
I could not trust them,
Muscles spasmed, hands dropped,
My brain found chasms opening
As tissue gave way to disease process
And the consequences followed.

I pulled myself up from the floor,
Aided and raised by unseen hands.

Fog thinned,
Lungs breathed,
Eyes saw,
Muscles returned.
New pathways forged the brain,
Burning routes for impulses to travel,
Shattering blocks in the way.

Awareness followed,
As moments became hours.
Scenes abounded,
So much in so little
That only my inner could feel.

Life became too bright,
Reality flickering on and off
As my willingness to see played
With my fear of what I might find, or be.

Trying to regain control,
The floor fell away again….and again…and…

Years of bouncing became the norm,
Until, weary of the game, my soul
Called a halt and I hung suspended
Between there and here,
Nothing and nowhere,
Everything and everywhere,
A shock to my triumvirate system,
My being.

And so I hang,
Energies swirl,
Life carries on.
The sun rises, the sun sets,
Rain falls, rain dries,
Seas fall, seas rise,
Mountains, squeezed from the land,
Make headway to the sky.
Animals that were, die,
Whole species are born,
Live, then find extinction.

Stars twirl,
Pouring their light through the cosmos,
Flashing on me, through me, and on…

I hang suspended
Through time and motion,
A journey in the void,
A trip back to where I began,
And forwards to where I’ll finish,
All in the same place.

What a strange journey!


© 2017 Robin McShane

The Moment’s Power

Centaurus A - black hole - in colour!

What can I tell you
You don’t already know?
Where could I point you?
You know the way to go.

Confusion reigns in nature,
Magnetic fields disturbed,
Planetary flux,
Leaves everything perturbed.

Yet you know where you’re going,
How to get there through the rent,
Live it as it happens,
Sacred moment by moment!


©Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

Minstrel Paths – NaPoWriMo Day 10

Then wand’ring minstrels came to me,
Fleet of foot and fancy free,
Took my breath, my life, my way,
Stole my lady far that day.

Sang and danced and all made merry,
Drank the wine and drained the sherry,
Delved beneath my steadfast way,
Shook foundations, made pillars sway.

Long held beliefs toppled through their sieve,
Ways of living disrupt they did,
Held me down, yet let me go,
Wrapped me in their way, their show.

Freed me from my lifelong chains,
Took the binds and cut the reins,
Freedom burst upon my soul,
All light and love and Go! Go! Go!

So moving with them at their pace,
Accepting that there is no race,
Flowing with the streams of light,
Into moments shining bright.

Finding new paths opening up,
Meandering trails with buttercup,
All leading home with choices rife,
Returning us to the source of life.

Collecting all experience gathered,
Refining essence, purity balanced,
Light and love surrounding all,
Please release your perceptions tall.

Step into the new found day,
Different, each, their special way,
To take us home, our tales to tell,
In one big swirl our history gel.

Floods of Life

Men flew through shadows deep,
Raucous birds a-calling,
Rivers ran through fields asleep
Drowning in their falling.

Houses lost, homes all gone,
Buildings washed away,
Will we be able to survive
The rains that fell that day?

People tell of worse,
When lands were all a-flood,
So many moons ago,
Yet no-one mentions blood.

Blood of ages, blood of sin,
Blood that’s carried through,
From year to year, man to man,
Red, dark red and blue.

So light the torches, bring the flame,
Rekindle fires and lamp.
Bring on the heat, bring on the light,
And banish all the damp.

And those of us now sitting dry,
Look down upon the mess,
But for the Grace of God say you,
The death, the pain, the stress.

Begin again, take the new,
See this as favour done,
For out of ashless comfort zones,
Arises new life won.

Large of eyes, pale of face,
Looking all around,
Bewildered by this chance of fate,
Standing on new ground.

Events of life, controlled or not,
Change us deep within,
And carry portents for the rest,
“Let go of all your whims!”

Life is transient, belongings more,
As stewardship is given,
Ownership is obsolete,
As soul’s experience now driven.

This time, this place, this precious now,
To which we all belong,
Will have it’s way, give us life,
And take us all along.

© Copyright Rob McShane – March 2014

Every Word Counts

Every word counts
Every thought a meaning
Every action tells
The story of your life
Of your way
Of your being
How it comes into this place
Expresses itself
Gives of itself
And changes everything in and around you
For the better or the worse

You know
You count
You live with the changes
And the reactions
And the way

You are already a part of that which you seek
You are a part of you made whole and manifest
That looks for answers unto itself

There is no better place than that where you already are
There is no better way than the path you are already walking

You know this
Deep within you, you already know this

© Copyright Rob McShane – July 2013

In The Bookshop

Here I sit, in the world of books,
Surrounded by the torrents of ideas,
Warbling as words in a sea of colour, styles, fonts and headers,
Dizzying in their intensity,
Vying for attention and smothering the voice inside,
My voice,
My need to give of myself into a world dominated with self,
Idealised beyond the mere expression of self,
Glamourised into an industry where contribution from self
Is valued according to the perception of other people’s wish to buy it.

Come, join me.
Sit beside me.
Feel with me as the person I have made
Slides from my being and leaves my soul bare.

Bare to feel,
To give,
To learn,
To respond,
Direct from itself,
To itself.
Direct from me to you.
Soul to soul.
Being to being.
God to God.
All as I write these words,
These stylized marks that represent my ideas,
That express my feelings,
That convey my perception as I see it and, hopefully, passes on the same.

But you will see it as you see it.
Maybe it is different,
Maybe similar.
But never the same.
As should be…for life moves
And we are all different.

You stand,
I stand,
We move on…
To the next sharing…
To the next scene
In the never ending play that we live…

© Copyright Rob McShane – February 2014

My Souls Path

It seemed so vague
So small, precise,
The effort that was made

To find the way
My soul would go
Which pathway it would take

In search for life
An infinite choice
Plethora fed and spoilt

It stumbled on
Then found its tread
And by moments became led

© Copyright Rob McShane – February 2014

In Being

Ask me not who or how
Do not demand of me things I cannot offer
Accept me as I am

Expect nothing of me for the future
The future has itself to take care of
Accept me in the now

Take nothing from my past
No judgement of lives lived
Know me as I am

If all we have is this moment
Please do not fill it with the future or the past
Now is all I have, this is all I am