Friday’s English Haiku – #52

Fridays Haiku - Aug 10 2018 - Pockets-of-Star-Formation-in-DDO-68- Credit NASA, ESA, and the LEGUS team


Fireflies dance naked
Passions flickering power
Spurning caresses


© 2018 Robin McShane

Note: I’m delighted to report that the young lady’s reading of my poem ‘Time’ (as posted July 24 2018) received Gold at the local eisteddfod she took part in!


Note: Pacing with MS


A quick note to elucidate my posting inconsistency!

Following my return to blogging a few weeks back, with great zest and anticipation I might add, my body (and mind) reminded me this week of the need to pace myself, and, in the case of the ever-unpredictable MS,  how difficult (nigh on impossible) this is to do. I so wish to maintain a regular schedule of posting and reading but find this frustratingly elusive.

I am so grateful for your reading, following, liking and commenting and find my generosity of return frustrating and disappointing – I miss out on so many of your talented, thought engendering and enjoyable posts.

My life, with MS, has been a series of starts and stops – having to let go of actions, activities, companionship’s, friendships, and more – continually being reminded of a reason and a season…

So, from now on, my presence will be more of an occasional appearance (or flurry of them), dependent on my ability to engage (I am not letting go of this activity completely!). Hopefully, I can at least maintain the Friday Haiku posts.

Thank you all for allowing me to share your parts of the blogosphere, your lives and your thoughts, and for joining me in mine.

You are all appreciated more then you may know.

I will see you on an ‘as and when’ basis as much as is possible.




Note: Time Is Not On My Side


Time is sliding
Slipping fast,
I try to hold it
Make it last,
Yet it refuses
Eludes my grasp,
Leaves me shattered
Heard to gasp,
So much to do
Before it’s past,

Whoops…too late!


A simple way to let you all know that I am standing back a little from the blogging world for a while. I’m not disappearing completely as I really enjoy reading all your posts and so appreciate all your likes and follows on mine and the comments and conversations.

However, my trilogy is now demanding more and more of my time and me. ‘The MageStaff’ has become the middle book – with a prequel and a sequel (all Visionary fiction in fantasy style) in progress. Keeping everything flowing and ‘tight’ with character and plot progression all in sequence that relates to the already published book and ‘works’, has become quite a challenge – but great fun!

I will still be appearing on this blog and yours – just not as regularly or as often as before.

Of course, this may make for better poetry from my side! 🙂

So, please don’t forget me or write me off. I will be seeing you all soon! 🙂


Note – News!

First Piece:
Yes! I finally managed to load ‘Run Me Gently’ as an eBook! (see pic on the right)
I ‘overthunk’ the formatting and twisted myself up in knots. So, deciding to just start again, I copied the book back into notepad (to clear all formatting), put it back into a new word doc – read the instructions from lulu (isn’t it amazing how that always helps? 🙂 – and, hey presto! – it worked!:)

I use for both print and eBook versions now as they will pay to paypal. Amazon will only pay me (in South Africa) by cheque, which: a) probably isn’t going to reach me (postal service very unreliable); and b) if it does, the banks charge a fortune to cash or deposit! In the end, it’s just not viable.
I have used previously for my eBooks but wanted to keep it all in one place from now on (smashwords does not do print).

So, you can all click on the pic on the right, rush across to lulu and buy the eBook (sure!! – ah, well, I can try!! ha ha!). It’s in epub format for which there are loads of free programs available if you don’t have an epub reader (Nook, etc.) and there is a conversion program to the Mobi format for kindle if you just have to convert it! (
I’ve been downloading all my books to my tablet using an epub reader as well as the kindle reader program for android – works really well and gives me a huge choice of books and reading! YAY!

Whoops, almost forgot:
The Second Piece (of news!)
My third poetry chapbook – ‘Poems About…(Vol II)’ – will be released in a few weeks!
The SA proofs are with me and ready – I’m just waiting for the overseas proofs and then, if everything is okay, we’re A for AWAY! YAY! 🙂
Here’s the cover pic and I will let you all know when the release date will be.

eBook and advert cover

Thank you all for the likes, comments and follows – am so excited that over 300 folks enjoy my writing enough to follow me – I am amazed! Honoured to share this journey we’re all on with you all!

Long may it continue!

Love ya all! 🙂

Sing with Purpose – NaPoWriMo Day 16

People came and sang with me,
Voices heightened, voices free,
Songs of hope and songs of praise,
Songs that touched the soul amazed.

They came in groups, they came alone,
Some came with wings and some with stone,
But all came breathing hard and fast,
Waiting for their note to last.

To reach on high for heights divine,
To take them far, with hearts in line,
Find places pure, where souls are free,
To follow their eternity.

Joining others, sharing depth,
In shady courts with guileless breath,
Meeting those who speak their truth,
In language strong and full of youth.

For all there know to be their best,
To shine and reach for light so blessed,
You listen for the echo deep,
Of resonating sound and reap

Tones so pure, beyond our ken,
Music made for souls of men,
Feel their purpose, know their way,
Guiding strong through every day.

Light and laughter, love perplexed,
Each moment shared endures the next,
To rise above small, petty cares,
And take the chance that’s offered there.

Yes! We will!