Mornings Call


I awoke before the birds today,
Heard the chorus rise,
Felt the silent morning peace,
Before the rush of daily lives.

Thought it strange,
The pace we build,
To prove our place on earth.

Found it weird,
The thought of this,
To prove our daily worth.

As people rise to start their day,
Yawn, stretch, put coffee on,
How sad to feel their loss of way,
By following habit long.

For what else to do when nothing calls,
Except the call unheard?
But follow habits long ingrained,
Like the chorus of the bird.


Of course, we have the choice,
Could listen to that call,
Follow where the day just leads,
And into life just fall.



Morning Rising The MS Way

Tiredness walks like mist through my mind
Playing with the edges,
Clouding the thoroughfares
Stroking senses unexplored
Firing plexuses I didn’t even know I had

Reality shifts
Daylight dawns
Ragged cloths of memories and perceptions
Drift like floating islands across my brain

A good space to stay wrapped in the blankets
Sprawled in decadent folds
For the day

Until brain fires, legs jump
As if strings are attached
And someone is enjoying the game

‘Get up, get up!’
As if there was a choice…