Broken Chances

Time swept me away,
Luminous dials took me,
Bare faced, back breasted felines
Spoke harsh words,
Gnashed teeth,
Dug claws deep,
Until blood ran,
Heart broke,
And I was no more.

You saw the breaking of me,
Watched in hope of a brighter day,
Yet when I hit the bottom,
You walked away.

Finding me broken,
Dispatched by dispassionate arms,
Wandering the wilderness of life,
Bemused, disturbed, vaguely confused,,
Unsure of route, way or being,
You anchored yourself in your path
And asked me to join you,
Showing me the strength of the moment,
If I chose to see it.


© Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright