Moments Movement

moments movement Aoril 23 2018- - milky way blow out

Through the strata, life and living,
Drawn by promises of more,
Down side streets slyly opening,
Tales of love and lore,
Many fractious paradigms,
New and old devout,
Moments straight and curling,
Folding inside out,
We move with no beginning,
No goal waiting at the end,
It’s all about the journey,
Now and here, not then.
Flow with the moments movement,
No pondering the whys,
Just simply follow shining
With the light that never dies.


© 2018 Robin McShane


Months Pass

Months Pass - Nov 5 2017 - NGC 1569 - Hubble

One whole month of pain,
Another full of pleasure,
Tell me how to take,
A full month’s measure.

My life’s appeared,
One month at a time,
Given me space,
To find my own rhyme.

Which month is the worse?
I really can’t say,
I’ve learned now to live it
Day by bless’d day.

Each one bringing
Its own special pause,
Creating a wake
In its own unique course,

Building a life
Of hope and despair,
Allowing me moments
To find myself there,

If I but look …


© 2017 Robin McShane

Photo from NASA Hubble Telescope


Life’s Moments


Sunday rises,
Yet I’m not sure I see it,
Through the misty veils of sight,
It feels grey, rainy,

Last vestiges of winter take their bite
Into hibernation,
For summer will pass,
As all seasons do,
Faster and faster,
Each year blurring to the next,
One long tapestry of life and time,
No divide,
No partition,


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane