Moments Movement

moments movement Aoril 23 2018- - milky way blow out

Through the strata, life and living,
Drawn by promises of more,
Down side streets slyly opening,
Tales of love and lore,
Many fractious paradigms,
New and old devout,
Moments straight and curling,
Folding inside out,
We move with no beginning,
No goal waiting at the end,
It’s all about the journey,
Now and here, not then.
Flow with the moments movement,
No pondering the whys,
Just simply follow shining
With the light that never dies.


© 2018 Robin McShane


Seeds of Change

For NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 5 (kind of to prompt!)

The rush of land
That fills me up
Then dies and rots

The fall of air
That blows my lungs
Then turns to dust

The touch of you
That fills my heart
Then bleeds me dry

The life around
That grows each day
Then wilts to die

Forced changes
Poisoned words
Toxic food

Natures loss
Man’s demise
Earth’s changes


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane


I wrote this today before seeing the prompt regarding heirloom plants – and after reading some Ted Hughes poetry!
For me, this poem kind of fits the prompt as it addresses the purpose and use of these plants and seeds.
Man’s disrespect for all life around us appears to have dissipated, with fatal results for our future.
At our home, we grow as much of our own food as we can – using seeds that will keep propagating and are not modified to only produce one crop (see Micelle’s blog – Gumboots and Grammar)
We take responsibility for our lives and our health and don’t give that power over to anyone else.
The government, the medical, legal or any other professional world or organization cannot tells us how we must live.
With the greatest of respect, the knowledge they have and share can assist us in our choices but the choice must remain ours.
To give those decisions over will lead to our destruction as viable, individual entities. We will become sheep answering to the whims and decisions of others.
I cannot control the environment. I cannot dictate how others must live.
Those that do so live in an arrogance which is difficult to release and even tougher to face when that perceived power is lost.
For years I allowed my perception that others ‘know better’ to govern my decisions – to my detriment.
That is not fair on those people nor on myself.
Each of us are individual beings with the right to maintain our individuality, even when we accept we are part of something greater.
If we only copy what we see others doing or what we think they are doing and/or meaning, we gain little growth, insight or experience for ourself and, therefore, cannot contribute anything significant to the whole.
If we do not learn and grow – what is the point?
I see poetry as a means for me to express my experiences, understanding and perceptions in ways others may relate to, resonate with, add to, think about or simply enjoy – accepting that we each have, and must own, our unique perspective so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
For those that seek control and power over others, how can you control something that is greater than yourself? The parts you think you control are simply abdicating their personal power and choices. I would suggest you be extremely careful how you use that…
For the rest of us, self-sustainability, in tune with the natural cycles of the planet and the body we inhabit, becomes an incredibly exciting and better way to live. It promises a healthier present and future on all levels.
Would that more people would take that responsibility.

Okay, I’m climbing off my soap box and off to make some tea – herbal, of course! 🙂

Wishing you all an awesome day! 🙂

Too Fast


It’s all so strange and moving fast,
There are some things I just can’t grasp,
Through my life’s pace I pass things by,
I used to set a great store by.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane