Tapestry of Life


Thick tapestry underfoot
Lifetime experiences sent
Interwoven with each moment
Singing to the dawn

Step gently, tread carefully
Do not risk life through haste
Or tempt death with your waste
Your being so precious

Let light lift you up
Above a life you’ve made
Beyond experiences braved
Into dimensions craved


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


The Moment’s Power

Centaurus A - black hole - in colour!

What can I tell you
You don’t already know?
Where could I point you?
You know the way to go.

Confusion reigns in nature,
Magnetic fields disturbed,
Planetary flux,
Leaves everything perturbed.

Yet you know where you’re going,
How to get there through the rent,
Live it as it happens,
Sacred moment by moment!


©Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

Too Fast


It’s all so strange and moving fast,
There are some things I just can’t grasp,
Through my life’s pace I pass things by,
I used to set a great store by.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

Autumn Falls


     Whittled and brittle leaves

     Drop in the space of a breath.

     Life changes,

     Autumn falls,

     Lush green to auburn burnt,

     A clear African sky backdrop,

     And starkness left behind.

     Time to pause, reflect,

     Then move!

Ego’s Pride – (NaPoWriMo Day 28)

Ply your trade
Along highways wide
Find a way
Through ego’s pride

Living life from outside in
Accepting all that’s said
Perceptions, expectations
Closing inner dead

Souls cry out in torment
Purpose unfulfilled
Living life in torrents
Meaning often killed