Moments and Memories



Watching spaces lightly falling
Pulled from all their hiding places
Caught by butterfly licks of light feathers
Brushed by breezes blowing past

Brought to fullest sunshine
As the moment was
Now gone
Yet never lost

Coloured by the way we felt then
Feel now
Taken to our being
Held in high esteem
Whilst living in this moment
Creating the next memory
To hold, hide, hope for more.



For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2016 – Day 24 (not to prompt)


People plead for food
In plaintive cries
That echo through the valleys.

Water flows from empty taps
That dry the land,
Leave bones
Reaching for the sun,
As they crumble to dust.

People stare through dead sockets,
Fighting for life,
Killing for control.

My brain empties.

I walk to nowhere,
My soul clings to itself
Without understanding
Or knowledge,
Confused beyond belief,
Believing beyond confusion
That there must be a rock
Melting fluidly with the flow,
Holding all within its feel,
Feeding soil and being,
Giving life where there is only void.

© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane


Dark To Light


There’s a darker ring,
If we all give in,
Chase a world we think others see.

There’s a lighter side,
If we turn aside,
See our light now shining free.

But what fun is that,
If we can’t extract,
The pleasure and the pain,

Of living in
This body bin,
Coming back time and again?

Part lesson here,
Another there,
Taking lifetimes now to learn

The part we chose,
From heart exposed,
The experiences we yearn.

Emotions bit,
The pleasure pit,
The pleasure and the pain.

We chose each moment,
To our detriment,
And took the trip again.

There soon will be
No darker lee
With which to play this pace,

Light is firing,
Fast vibrating,
Finished with our race.

And thus I raise
My glass in praise
To the present and the past.

Life is changing,
Seeking, ranging,
Days of nights can’t last.

So rise up now,
Grasp the Wow,
Your soul, your life, yourself.

Your light unfurled
Upon the world
Redefines its wealth.

In gratitude
Find fortitude,
A Universe of joy,

And lovingly,
And caringly,
Share with woman, man, girl, boy.


Creative…Or Not?

facts - morguefile

I am drowning in words of disarray
Creatively sorting through my day
Yet so much happens through eyes a-double
Am I certain I’m creative…or just in trouble?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Hope – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 14 (to prompt)

You moved me further than I thought to be moved,
I was only trying to follow your groove,
Yet when you found it, you pushed right on through,
I was only trying to reach the real you.

Do you need to push on, am I so hard to find?
Yes, when you hide yourself deep in your mind,
Yet I open myself now, share my heart true,
Through veils and dark wisps I still must push through.

It cannot be so! I give you my all!
Yet make me at times feel so very small,
It just cannot be, you speak surely in jest,
I wish I could feel like that less and less,

This makes no sense, we are only two,
And the one compromising is always who?
We both give way at various times,
Who pulls the strings and who makes the rhymes?

I am surprised, seems you feel we think different,
And now you will stand and puff your belligerence,
I cannot help but be who I am,
Yes, me the lady, and you, you the man.

How on earth does our gender a difference now make?
‘Cause I feel I’m giving whilst you smile and take,
That’s clearly not true, I give you all that I can,
You give me the things that just suit the man.

I cannot fathom what you want from me,
And there is the problem, now plain to see,
Yes, there is the problem, we both can agree,
Oh, why can’t you then be more like me?

And who are you, when you’re at home?
I’m kind and graceful, deep as a tome,
And you seem to see me just rough and ready?
I see you there standing tall, fixed and steady.

So, where’s the problem, what is the fault?
Maybe we’re set with a different default,
I don’t understand, what do you need?
That’s the point, that’s why I plead.

To be loved and cherished, taken care of?
Loved and respected, held like a dove,
Called to roost in a cage, in a nest?
Free to fly, to return home to rest.

But this is your home, this is your nest,
Not with you in it as you are now, you jest,
What of the love we held shiny and new?
I think it has tarnished, overgrown with mildew.

I cannot believe what I’m hearing, what you say,
It’s time to be looking towards a bright new day,
Together, apart, what do you mean?
This is your choice, can you live a new scene?

What’s wrong with this old one, I don’t understand,
I think you just said it, it’s old, worn and bland,
How much must we change to discover this new life?
The fact that you ask cuts like a knife.

Do you mean you’ve been changing whilst I’m standing still?
Right now you must see it just as you will,
And if I make changes will you stand by my side?
So long as you flow and ebb with the tide.

Surely someone must decide just how we must be?
You think you’re qualified to say that for me?
Well, we must make our plans, know the how and the where,
So who will provide when it all becomes air?

I’m trying to make it right for us both,
I know, why I’ve loved you, held onto this boat,
So what now, my love, must I let go control?
It’s just an illusion to capture your soul.

But you have my soul, my soul and my heart,
So, let us, together, make a new start,
Then I must find a new way, the old one won’t do,
And I’ll stand beside you, help us both through.

Can it be like before, like when we first met?
It is just like then, everyday a new bet,
A risk to be taken, comfort falling away,
Moment by moment, new day by new day.

Today’s prompt is to write a poem using dialogue…and on and on it went! 🙂

For yesterday’s riddle, the poem was about an Easel. Thanks for playing with!  🙂

© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Broken Chances

Time swept me away,
Luminous dials took me,
Bare faced, back breasted felines
Spoke harsh words,
Gnashed teeth,
Dug claws deep,
Until blood ran,
Heart broke,
And I was no more.

You saw the breaking of me,
Watched in hope of a brighter day,
Yet when I hit the bottom,
You walked away.

Finding me broken,
Dispatched by dispassionate arms,
Wandering the wilderness of life,
Bemused, disturbed, vaguely confused,,
Unsure of route, way or being,
You anchored yourself in your path
And asked me to join you,
Showing me the strength of the moment,
If I chose to see it.


© Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright

Rain, Life

Rain came
Carried me away in buckets of fire, snow and ice
Labelled me victorious
Slushed me with more
Washed me with less
Hid parts of me
Exposed others
Took the wind from my lungs
And lashed the coast of my being
In hurricane like breezes
Made from my own breath
Howling from within
Demanding change
A difference
Anything but this

Yet this is the reason I am here
And the solace my soul seeks

To deny it
Denies life

Life will not be denied


© Copyright December 2014 – Robin McShane
All rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Following Dreams

Dreams came insubstantial,
Translucent, misty things,
Made in tumult,
Crushed in fear,
Bathed in shadows,
Washed in tear,
Never seeing light of day,
Too much clutter in the way,
How to live and what to do
When living drains the life from you?

Choose to follow, arms outstretched,
Live the moment, fully entrenched,
Feel each heartbeat, love each breath,
Move purposely forward, step by step.

Moments chosen carefully,
Thoughts placed gently out,
Will benefit each one alive,
There really is no doubt,
Create a stronger field,
For each of us to be,
Pursue the life we chose,
To fulfil our spiritual need,
Guide us up our purpose path,
Towards our chosen dream,
Lead us by the hand
To hope, fulfilment, home.

Our dreams await……

Moving On

Where you walk I can no longer follow
Where you run, you run alone
Where I climb, I’ll take our memories
Where I go, I go alone

We are no longer two as one
It breaks my heart
But the act is done

There is no turning back
We move ahead now
Through the lack

No-one can ever take your place
A new one must be made
A different heart now holding tight
A new love now to braid

© Copyright October 2014 – Robin McShane

From Drugs to Beginnings

I touch ground
Ravaged by the soporific effects of the solumedrol
The drug that soothes my nerves yet fires my mind
Spatters my thoughts into a thousand arrows
Each off in their own direction
On their own path
No coherence
No sense
No semblance of reality

I slide into the morass of drug induced mist
Wraith-like drifting through
Following arrows
Pointedly heading to a point which does not exist

Time passes
Body exhumes and exhales
Drug excretes

Mind returns
Old patterns and ways
Boring reminisces of a life lived
Slipping slowly back inexorably
Into what was
What is

What shall be?
Can it be different?
I no longer want to be the same
This is a chance for a new beginning
Opportunities for a new me

Loosen my thoughts
Leave them free to roam
Change their tired patterns, grooves, ruts
Find open roads
Yet to be explored
Yet to be found
Yet to be lived

Hope lives eternally
In the inner me
To find a better way
A better me

Hope and love will work their magic

A puff of smoke
A new me stands before you

As I was in the beginning

A smile spreads my face
Anticipation fills my being
A new time has begun

© Robin McShane – October 2014

Rights reserved according to this blogs copyright

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